Daubert Challenges: The Courts Raise the Bar (PDF)

July 2014 978-1-62150-041-4 PDF (350 pages)

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

Financial experts working in litigation today have to prepare for a Daubert challenge. For attorneys seeking to attack the other party's financial evidence, Daubert motions have become one of the most used weapons in their litigation arsenal. Besides depositions, the motions represent a pre-trial opportunity to test the strength of the opponent's evidence and may encourage or mandate an early resolution of the case. To steel experts for what's to come, BVR is excited to offer Daubert Challenges: The Courts Raise the Bar. 

This special report equips practitioners with case law, expert insights, practice tips, and check lists. In the report's nearly 350 pages, financial experts and lawyers share their unique insights into what it means to face a Daubert challenge and what it takes to survive one. No expert hoping to excel in the litigation arena can afford to be without this unique practice tool.

This Special Report features:

  • 350 pages of valuable insight and court case digests written by financial experts and BVR’s internationally recognized expert legal editorial team
  • Summary tables for easy reference: quickly find the case name, type of case, type of Daubert Challenge, date, court, state/jurisdiction and more
  • Access to BVR’s exclusive website, with links to all of the full court opinions of the cases featured in the Special Report
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Table of Contents:

  • Introduction, by Rand Gambrell, CPA, ABV, CFE, CFF, CVA
  • Is a Daubert Exclusion a Career Stopper?
  • From Draft Reports to Daubert Challenges: ASA Legal Panel Offers Best Practice Tips
  • Survive any Daubert Challenge with this 13-Point Checklist, by Michael Costello, CPA, ABV, CFF, CFE, ASA
  • Essential Advice for Expert Witnesses
  • View from Tax Court: Daubert, DCF, and Five ‘Red Flags’ for a Report
  • Appraisers Best at Surviving Daubert Challenges
  • MUM Passes a Daubert Challenge
  • Uniloc v. Microsoft: Lessons Outside of the Courtroom, by Brad Pursel, CPA, ABV, CFA, ASA
  • Entire Market Value Rule in the Spotlight
  • Best Practices for Calculating Patent Damages by Today’s Tougher Standards
  • Daubert and Business Valuation: A Selective Bibliography