Economic Outlook Update


Save time with the most defensible economic data available. The Economic Outlook Update monthly and quarterly reports digest expansive research from the leading authoritative sources into one convenient and cost-effective report. Visit our data partner Consensus Economics >>

This robust resource can easily be used as a basis for the current economic conditions portion of your valuation reports. And, with an expanded set of graphs and charts in every report, you will have the most comprehensive and accurate data at your fingertips.

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The Economic Outlook Update is a one-of-a-kind review and forecast of the national economy, in one convenient report.

  • Utilize the expanded set of graphs and charts to enhance your valuation reports, including data on consumer confidence and business optimism, monthly retail sales, monthly jobs created, and much more

  • Access the handy state-by-state summary of economic information sites for local reviews and forecasts

  • Rely on the most accurate and defensible data – our economic forecasts are based on the expectations of 30 of the most prominent U.S. economic and financial firms

  • Stay current with monthly updates, four quarterly reports, and access to all historical reports dating back to 1Q2003

  • Save hundreds of hours on research and thousands of dollars on expensive forecasts. Each report includes data on:
    • GDP
    • Unemployment
    • Consumer spending
    • Stocks & bonds
    • Real estate market
    • Economic outlook
    • Energy prices
    • Interest rates
    • And, more!

The EOU is published 16 times a year—12 monthly reports and 4 quarterly reports. The monthly EOU is published approximately four to five weeks after the month ends.

The quarterly EOU is published each year on these dates:

1st Quarter issue:  May 15th
2nd Quarter issue:  August 15th
3rd Quarter issue:  November 15th
4th Quarter issue:  February 15th

Looking for more information about the EOU? Check out our FAQ page