Value Analytics Excel Add-In

Value Analytics offers financial statement and equity data for publicly traded companies at a fraction of the cost. Public data is free at the source but messy. Why pay a huge markup for cleaning and organization?

  • Gain unlimited access to data - No annual limits on data calls. Subscribers have unlimited access to data through the Excel Add-In.
  • User friendly - Use the built-in formula builder to easily pull in data. The simple interface allows you to ask for, and receive, the data you need—all from within Excel.
  • Easy integration - The Excel Add-In allows you to easily integrate data directly into your proprietary models.
  • Save time using the included templates - Access the ever-growing inventory of templates to streamline your guideline public company work. Want to modify the provided templates? Go ahead - these templates are fully customizable. 
  • Data Integrity - Transparent data sourcing and quality assurance procedures allow users to trust the integrity of the data they use. Field definitions are available in the documentation for the user-friendly Excel Add-In.
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  • The Value Analytics Excel Add-In provides direct access to financial, equity, and company profile data for all U.S. exchange-traded companies. The purpose of the Add-In is to support custom financial data analysis and modeling via direct access to Value Analytics' data in the context of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.