ASA Business Valuation Review

The Business Valuation Review™, published by the ASA, is a comprehensive journal of diverse valuation topics written by top thoughtleaders in the profession. Advance your knowledge and understanding of the appraisal profession and various business interests with high quality, practitioner-relevant research. 

The Business Valuation Review™ presents academically rigorous articles that have direct relevance to valuation practitioners as well as new concepts important to readers’ professional development. In addition, this quarterly publication covers technical issues and lessons presented in ASA business valuation courses and seminars allowing readers to learn the best ways to apply valuation data and ensure their valuations withstand scrutiny by clients, auditors, taxing authorities, and in litigation.

*Please note: This is a quarterly publication delivered in print format. Online access to the current and past issues is provided via the ASA's website. 

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Additional Product Details

  • Access the most important information from the industry's top leaders with peer reviewed articles and research that furthers the knowledge base of valuation practitioners

  • Stay current with quarterly coverage on the most important business valuation topics, including:
    • Determination of the cost of capital for common and preferred equity and debt
    • Industry studies
    • Impact of illiquidity on the cost of capital and valuation
    • Illiquidity discounts
    • Impact of a lack of control on the valuation of a business interest
    • Pass-through entity valuation
    • Discounts for lack of control
    • Control premia
    • Complex capital structure valuations
    • And, many more!
  • Ensure your entire firm is up-to-date in the profession with affordable site license purchase options