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DealStats. Market data. Evolved.

Welcome to the new generation of private and public company transaction comparables for valuation and M&A professionals. DealStats (formerly Pratt's Stats) is a state of the art platform that boasts the most complete financials on acquired companies in both the private and public sectors. 

Every transaction in DealStats is rigorously reviewed by BVR’s dedicated team of financial analysts in real time. Whether you are valuing a business, deriving a sale price, benchmarking performance or conducting fairness opinion research, you won’t find more complete and trustworthy comparable data in any other source.

FREE WEBINAR: BVR held a free webinar introducing DealStats on July 11 with members of BVR's finance team, Adam Manson, Mitchell Cameron, and Oday Merhi. If you missed the event, you can still watch the recording!

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What makes DealStats so unique?
BVR's proprietary platform is built upon a unique and robust network of contributors.

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Defend your business value conclusions with real-world deals
Inform your valuation with detailed statistics and comprehensive summary reports that include financial ratios, valuation multiples, and profitability margins. Plus, get unique data on deal structures including payment terms, purchase price allocations, employment agreements, and more.

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Customize your search and select the best multiples
Use the powerful search in DealStats to explore up to 164 data points, and to perform custom searches to save and revisit anytime!

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Up your presentation game
Present your data visually with interquartile ranges, scatter plots, distribution graphs, and stacked bar charts.

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Analyze with confidence 
BVR’s team of financial analysts rigorously review and publish new deals on a daily basis to ensure you never miss a comparable for your engagement.

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Easily download your transaction data
Pick and and choose your data and your fields and then download for instant access in either Excel or as a PDF.

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DealStats is coming this summer!

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Why join the Contributor Network

Want to learn more about DealStats (previously Pratt's Stats)?

Contact us for more details on the highly anticipated enhancements to DealStats, the valuation profession's go to source for market data. Plus, learn about becoming a member of our Contributor Network. 
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