DealStats Value Index

The DealStats Value Index, a quarterly publication exclusively for DealStats subscribers, provides trend information on valuation multiples and profit margins for transactions in DealStats. With a wealth of information, including multiples and margins by size, interquartile range by sector and year, multiples and margins for private vs. public, and much more, the DealStats Value Index is a go-to resource that financial professionals depend on.


2nd Quarter, 2021

The 2Q 2021 issue highlights the past 12-month period covering the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on pricing multiples. The 2Q issue includes the below graph, which shows EBITDA multiples moving down to 3.8x in the first quarter 2021 from 3.9x in the fourth quarter 2020. The chart also captures the latest fourth-quarter developments and highlights the median selling price/EBITDA with the trailing three-quarter average over a five-year period.
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