Nambri TaxXL

Nambri TaxXL is a resource that automates the conversion of PDF tax returns into an Excel spreadsheet. This cloud-based solution offers a simple, secure, and fast way to extract and organize data from business tax forms. The benefits of using Nambri include the elimination of manual data entry, improved accuracy, reduced errors, and enhanced productivity.

The conversion process involves extracting data from the PDF files and organizing it in a structured manner within an Excel spreadsheet. In addition to extracting and spreading data for multiple years, Nambri TaxXL calculates multiyear common-size income statements and balance sheets. Common-size income statements and common-size balance sheets are financial statements that allow for easier comparison between companies of different sizes or industries. These statements express financial data as a percentage of total revenue (for income statements) or total assets (for balance sheets). 

This cloud-based solution offers a simple, secure, fast way to extract and organize data from business tax forms. 

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Nambri TaxXL Premium - Process up to 300 tax forms a month

Nambri TaxXL Basic - Process up to 50 tax forms a month



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Automating the conversion of tax returns from PDF to Excel offers several advantages. It can save time and effort compared to manual data entry, which is especially important for businesses or individuals processing a large number of tax returns for their analysis. It also reduces the likelihood of errors and ensures consistent formatting, making it easier to analyze tax returns data.

Furthermore, automation can increase productivity by freeing time and resources to focus on more critical tasks such as analyzing tax return data and making informed decisions. Finally, automating the conversion process allows for easier integration with other systems or valuation models, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined process.

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