ktMINE Royalty Rate Comparables & Full Text Licensing Agreements Database


The ktMINE royalty rates database provides an efficient and organized gateway to canvass the landscape of intellectual property (IP) licensing payments and agreement terms. This interactive database provides direct access to royalty rates, full-text licensing agreements, and detailed agreement summaries. With precise search functionality, robust data mining capabilities, and a time-saving analysis center, ktMINE  is the tool you should use to quickly identify and analyze market comparables from a goldmine of licensing agreements.

  • Comprehensive and current: Access to 70,000+ royalty rates and 23,000+ licensing agreements, with new agreements continuously added
  • Cost effective: ktMINE users are able to run unlimited summaries, which include all royalty rates for various agreement types
  • Hands-on: You sit in the driver’s seat, with direct access to royalty rates, licensing agreements, and a statistical analysis center
  • Authoritative: Royalty rate data is derived from licensing agreements only, and you get full access to those agreements
  • User-friendly: ktMINE offers the ability to refine and save searches for future use


Day pass and yearly subscription options are available.
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Additional Product Details

Compare to Any Other Source of Royalty Rate Data Today

ktMINE’s data repository houses thousands of public agreements and contains licensing agreements, as well as service contracts, referral agreements, and more.  ktMINE users are able to run unlimited summaries, which include all royalty rates for various agreement types, including:

  • Patent Agreements
  • Know How Agreements
  • Process Agreements
  • Trademark Agreements
  • Trade Name Agreements
  • Copyright Agreements
  • Cross License Agreements
  • Joint Development Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Sales Agent Agreements
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Advertising Agreements
  • Service Agreements
  • Software Agreements

Refine Your Search to Find True Market Comparables

ktMINE analysts review each individual agreement before it is added to the database. This consistent procedure ensures that all key licensing terms are accurately captured and categorized. ktMINE searches uncover the most relevant agreements without any “noise” or raw data that can slow down or skew results.  Search by:

  • Licensor
  • Licensee
  • Filing company
  • Effective date
  • SIC code
  • Territory
  • Exclusivity
  • Agreement type
  • Industry
  • Royalty rate
  • And more!
Get a Summary of Key Agreement Details to Quickly Analyze Results

ktMINE’s agreement summaries provide access to the full agreement text as well as a detailed list of key licensing terms, such as:

  • Synopsis of rights being granted
  • Parties to agreement
  • Effective date
  • Exclusivity
  • Territory
  • SIC code
  • Industry
  • Agreement type
  • Values, bases, and modifiers for all royalty rates, including a full breakdown of all steps and tiers
*Both subscribers and day-pass users can conduct unlimited searches and view unlimited license agreement summaries with royalty rates. Also, there is unlimited use of the online analysis center which provides summary information and analysis of your selected license agreements. There is a limit on exports to Excel and full-text license agreement views, however, which is 25 exports and 25 full-text views per day for both annual subscriptions and day pass users. This limit can be increased to 100 per day, or more, if needed. If you need additional exports or additional full-text views, please contact us at (503) 479-8200 or customerservice@bvresources.com and we will work with you to accommodate your needs.


  • "Switching to ktMINE is like moving from the age of the dinosaurs to the beginning of modern life. Thank you for providing such a powerful and easy-to-use research tool"  – Head of Valuation, Mid-Tier Valuation Firm, ASA, CFA and MBA accreditations

  • "ktMINE is the most powerful application I have ever used, reducing a sea of agreements and information to a potent group of agreements"  – Associate, Transfer Pricing Firm

  • "Other databases either have cumbersome search capabilities or make assumptions that may unduly influence the analysis. ktMINE fixes both problems" – Analyst, Valuation Firm

  • "ktMINE is far superior to other royalty rate products"  – Vice President, IP Commercialization Firm

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