Frequently Asked Questions

ktMINE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Thank you for visiting the FAQ page for ktMINE. If you're unable to find the answer you are looking for, please contact us at 1-503-479-8200 or and we are happy to help.

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Q: Who created ktMINE?

A: ktMINE was envisioned and developed by a team of valuation and transfer pricing professionals who had spent long hours hunting for the right market comparables. The need for a fast, all-inclusive solution was integral to their success, yet available products just weren’t meeting their needs. To remedy the problem they joined together to create a database of license agreements and royalty rates.

Q: Where does ktMINE get its data?

A: Through a proprietary process, ktMINE gathers intellectual property (IP) license agreements and documents from publicly available sources, such as the SEC. Their mission is to find, analyze, and add into the database any public document with viable royalty rate information. Also, to make the search for these documents as fast and accurate as possible.

Q: How does ktMINE source these documents?

A: In order to accomplish these feats,  ktMINE developed technology and algorithms that would continuously mine IP documents from the public domain, even from deep within atypical filing types. This allows ktMINE to continuously add IP documents to the database and to offer the freshest, most comprehensive source for market comparables.

Q: What types of licensing records are included in the database?

A: Patent, Know How, Technology, Process, Trademark, Trade Name, Copyright, Cross License, Product, Joint Development, Distribution, Sales Agent, Franchise, Advertising, Service, and Software agreements. Some of the agreements in ktMINE can even provide comparables containing unusual compensation terms such as cost-plus and profit-split payments.

Q: Are there any limitations on exports to Excel or full-text license agreement views with a ktMINE subscription or day pass?

A: Both subscribers and day-pass users can conduct unlimited searches and view unlimited license agreement summaries with royalty rates. Also, there is unlimited use of the online analysis center which provides summary information and analysis of your selected license agreements. There is a limit on exports to Excel and full-text license agreement views, however, which is 25 exports and 25 full-text views per day for both annual subscriptions and day pass users. This limit can be increased to 100 per day, or more, if needed. If you need additional exports or additional full-text views, please contact us at (503) 479-8200 or and we will work with you to accommodate your needs.

Q: What payment information is captured for each document?

A: ktMINE captures and displays all variable royalty rate payments in detailed agreement summaries. Unusual compensation terms such as cost-plus and profit-split payments are also captured. All payments are detailed at license, sublicense and referral levels and a common base (used for statistical purposes) is assigned for each value.

Q: How much data does ktMINE include?

A: ktMINE has amassed a large repository of documents currently standing at over 60,000 cataloged royalty rates. The database contains only agreements with disclosed royalty rates and is continuously expanding.

Q: What does a ktMINE analysis include?

A: Every agreement within the database has been reviewed by an analyst to identify and capture key licensing terms for each agreement, such as effective date, industry and rights being granted. Two important checkpoints ensure that the agreements contain actual royalty rate data and to assign associated keywords that reflect the true context of each agreement.

Q: How is ktMINE different from other royalty rate sources?

A: Our users say these benefits set ktMINE apart:

  • Full access to ktMINE agreement summaries and agreement text, along with unlimited searches
  • Specialized filters like associated keywords and industry
  • Completeness and accuracy of data
  • Speed and simplicity of finding true market comparables