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BVR is proud to offer M&A transaction data and financial statements to provide you with the competitive advantage you need. Join the Contributor Network today and reap the benefits. Confidentially submit your closed deals for free access to 28,250+ transactions. Contact us today for a demo on how to submit deals or to see Pratt's Stats in action.

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Contributing Member Benefits Include:

  • 3 months of FREE access to the database for every deal submitted
  • Access to the Pratt's Stats Analyzer - an Excel-based tool that greatly improves a user’s ability to select and deselect transactions, complete their analysis, and export any or all of their worksheets to a new Excel workbook
  • The Private Deal Update - a quarterly publication analyzing private company acquisitions from the Pratt's Stats database
  • The chance to be inducted into the Pratt's Stats Hall of Fame - quarterly awards given!

Submit your transactions:

Business Intermediaries — Schedule an office visit and we'll gather your deals

A quick and easy way to gain access to the Pratt's Stats database is to have an employee from BVRs visit your office and collect the transactions for you, at no charge! The BVR employee will need access to your closed files to gather:

  • Business description
  • Sale date
  • Sale price
  • Seller's full-year income statement
  • Other useful information

    For confidentiality purposes, the seller's name, sold business name, intermediary's name, and the sale location does not need to be included in the submittal. If you would like to schedule an office visit, please email us at: or call (503) 479-8200. 

    Looking for a business intermediary? 

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    Pratt's Stats Hall of Fame  

    In an effort to recognize business intermediaries who have continued to submit to the Pratt’s Stats database over the years, we have created the Pratt’s Stats Hall of Fame. Check out all of the current and past hall of fame members!