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What’s a business worth? It’s a question that arises frequently for business owners, business intermediaries, and a wide spectrum of financial professionals. DealStats (formerly Pratt's Stats), BVR's robust online platform that boasts complete details on thousands of private and public company acquisitions, can help you determine the answer. 

DealStats enables you to benchmark companies against actual sold businesses and show your clients real-world pricing references they can trust. Gain the competitive advantage with free access to this revolutionary platform by joining our Contributor Network and submitting your closed deals.

Calculate a reliable pricing benchmark price in seconds with DealStats:

  • Enter the industry and financials for your client's business
  • Find similar deals and get the selling price multiples
  • Apply the multiple to your client's company to determine or support a price

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  • The DealStats Value Index - a quarterly publication analyzing private company acquisitions from the DealStats database

  • The chance to be inducted into the DealStats Hall of Fame
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Why join the Contributor Network

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