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BVR publications bring you the most up-to-date thought-leadership in the BV profession. And now, these valuable resources can be at your fingertips 24/7 in a digital format.

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The new Digital Library provides online access to our respected library of titles focused on industry valuation techniques, methodology, and more. BVR’s publications are written and edited by renowned experts including Nancy Fannon, Mark Dietrich, John Stockdale Sr. and many more. All 85+ BVR-published books, guides, and special reports* are available to you with a subscription to the Digital Library. And, each time a new BVR title is released, you get immediate access to it with your subscription.

*Please note: The Digital Library does not contain books that BVR sells on behalf of other publishers.When BVR is transitioning a title to a new edition, it may not be available on the Digital Library. Please contact BVR for assistance in accessing previous editions.

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The Digital Library offers you significant savings off the retail price of publications with online access, regular updates, advanced search capability, and more. Guarantee that you have the most up-to-date references in your library by subscribing to the Digital Library today.

"The Digital Library has really helped me to enhance my library!"
-- Ted Phelps, PCG Consultants

Access these new titles, plus many more!

  • Benchmarking Identifiable Intangibles and Their Useful Lives in Business Combinations, Third Edition
  • Business Valuation & Bankruptcy: Case Law Compendium, Third Edition
  • Business Valuation and Healthcare Case Law Compendium
  • BVR Briefing - Control Premiums: A Deep Dive into the New Data on Invested Capital Premiums
  • The BVR Guide to Management Projections and Business Valuation: Analysis and Case Law
  • And many more!