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Who we serve

Trust BVR for unimpeachable business valuation intelligence. BVR’s data, publications, and analysis have won in the boardroom and the courtroom for over two decades. We have resources for many financial professionals, including business appraisers, M&A advisors and brokers, business owners, and more. See who turns to our best-in-class tools to support their valuation conclusions.


All of the top audit firms rely on BVR to:

  • Train their junior and senior staff who conduct and review valuations
  • Challenge the validity of valuations for acquisitions and financial reporting
  • Reduce the risk of valuations for impairment testing, transfer tax, acquisition accounting, stock options, or finance event analysis
  • Improve the workflow of all valuation reporting requirements


Attorneys partner with BVR to: 

  • Understand and challenge business valuations in court
  • Grow their client networks
  • Use accurate market knowledge to better advise their clients
  • Conduct better legal research and due diligence

Business Appraisers

Whether you're a large firm or a one-person shop, rely on BVR for the authoritative data, training, and expert opinion for your valuation engagements. BVR helps business appraisers:

  • Prepare an unimpeachable valuation report that wins in court
  • Stay at the forefront of the business valuation profession with the most current news and research
  • Conduct better market and legal research with robust tools and resources at your fingertips
  • Train your staff and earn CPE without costly travel expenses

Business Owners

BVR helps business owners:

  • Know what businesses in their industry are actually selling for
  • Understand the metrics that increase value
  • Adjust their business strategies based on the top deals in their sector

Compliance Executives

BVR's auditable market data helps CFOs:

  • Value deals accurately so their development teams can negotiate with confidence
  • Challenge the validity of valuations for acquisitions and financial reporting
  • Improve the workflow of all valuation reporting requirements
  • Train their staff

M&A Advisors and Brokers

M&A advisors and business brokers partner with BVR to:

  • Grow their client network and pipelines
  • Create better content for client communications
  • Use accurate deal data to better advise their clients
  • Conduct better transaction research and client due diligence

Private Equity Professionals

BVR helps buyers of private assets:

  • Value what's going on in their space
  • Augment their research and workflow with auditable financial data
  • Price and negotiate deals with more confidence
  • Comply with the new reporting requirements
  • Grow their dealflow network

Wealth Managers & Consultants

BVR helps business and wealth advisors:

  • Grow their network
  • Create client communications that drive better decisions
  • Perform industry research on the top value metrics
  • Quote real numbers from real transactions