Valuation Benchmarking Platform

BVR’s new Valuation Benchmarking Platform (VBP) is a groundbreaking tool that harnesses insight into comparable business valuations like never before.

For the first time, you're able to screen acquisition assumptions made by the leading valuation and investment banking firms in the profession. Like DealStats, VBP’s proprietary screening tool allows you to search for transactions that match your target company—using dozens of customizable criteria such as business size, description, industry, first-year growth projection, valuation methods employed, acquirer name, fairness opinion issuer, and EBITDA range. 

VBP delivers benchmarking intelligence that will dramatically transform your business valuation research and reports. This must-have platform is an ideal add-on to any financial data platform -- like DealStats or CapIQ—so you can see for the first time what conclusions other top analysts reached—and how they got there.

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Additional Details

With the Valuation Benchmarking Platform you can:

  • Explore the best private company transaction comparables used by your peers

  • See the most appropriate guideline public company comps employed in similar valuations

  • Gain complete insight into how—and when--other financial analysts chose the various income, market, and asset approaches

  • Get live links to all the source documents, including the valuation reports, board books, and fairness opinion summaries (even when a transaction has multiple valuation analyses)

  • Compare your multiples, cost of capital, normalized financial forecasts, and other business valuation assumptions with recent work accepted by the SEC and other regulatory and reporting entities


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