Fairness Opinion Research Service


With litigation on the rise and an increase in the failure rate for acquisitions, fairness opinions have become a de facto step in the transaction advisory process.  Further propelled by the rigor of SEC enforcement, the fairness opinion has become an area of specialty in its own right for financial professionals. 

The new BVR "Fairness Opinion Research Service" (FORS) is a breakthrough tool designed for any stakeholder in the results and accuracy of a fairness opinion.  FORS gives you immediate and full access to hundreds of actual fairness opinions – nowhere else will you find the opinions as easily. The FORS sophisticated search engine lets you filter by any data point or field. Direct links to all source documents allow for easy toggling.

Use FORS to ensure your analyses fall with ranges previously accepted by the SEC and other regulators. FORS delivers more value than an entire research team after weeks of work.  Enjoy the rare  competitive advantage of defending your fairness opinions point-by-point against the best work in the business and ensuring you rise to the auditor standards.


*Product in beta testing now!  Full product release scheduled for mid-October. 
To learn more, please contact BVR at sales@bvresources.com or (503) 479-8200 ext. 2.

Additional Product Details


Benefits of the Fairness Opinion Research Service:

  • Ensure your methods and conclusions meet the highest auditor standards- Choose the best comparables by pulling straight from actual  fairness opinions prepared by expert analysts from the top financial advisory, private equity, and M&A firms. Compare your valuation analysis for companies with similar growth, revenues, forecasts, industry characteristics, debt structure, WACC, and more

  • Save days of work with the FORS advanced screening – filter so only relevant transactions and comparable benchmarks are returned, along with live links to the source documents

  • Score the advantage – You will be privy to all the valuation methods and weightings used by leading firms. Defend your fairness opinions point-by-point against the best work in the field

  • Boost your financial reporting credibility by including the most relevant and most current financial ratios, growth metrics, and other benchmarks

  • Exponentially improve your research – with FORS you can find comparable fairness opinion reports from around the world by searching:

    • Earnings multiples
    • Forecasted earnings growth -  1 yr, 3 yr and 5 yr
    • Revenue multiples
    • Industry classifications (SICS, NAICS)
    • Target company description
    • Same public company comparables used in the market approach
    • Valuation date
    • Valuation method(s) and weights
    • Source and type of financing
    • Name of acquirer
    • Name of fairness opinion preparer
    • Cost of capital and WACC conclusions