Compliance Executives

Compliance Executives

BVR's auditable market data helps compliance leaders value deals accurately so your development teams can negotiate with confidence, challenge the validity of valuations for acquisitions and financial reporting, and improve the workflow of all valuation reporting requirements. Leverage BVR's full suite of resources on your next deal. 

Let BVR customize a solution for your firm's needs. Top recommended resources for compliance executives include:

  • DealStats: DealStats is a state of the art platform that boasts the most complete financials on acquired companies in both the private and public sectors.
  • Cost of Capital Professional: This online platform provides equity risk premia, size premia, and risk free rates(with data similar to the original Ibbotson SBBI data) that allows users to compute cost of equity and WACC estimates.  

  • Vertical IQ: Vertical IQ quickly turns you into an industry expert with hard-to-find intelligence on small- and medium-sized businesses in more than 500 industries.
  • Mergerstat Review: Comprehensive rosters, data and statistics on M&A transactions that involve U.S. companies, including privately held, publicly traded and cross–border transactions, and also lists unit divestitures, management buyouts, and certain asset sales.

  • FactSet Mergerstat/BVR Control Premium Study: An online resource that provides empirical support for quantifying control premiums, implied minority discounts, and public company valuation multiples. Quickly and easily search nearly 14,000 transactions.

  • Economic Outlook Update:  The monthly and quarterly economic reports digest expansive research from the leading authoritative sources into one convenient and cost-effective report. With an expanded set of graphs and charts in every report, you will have the most comprehensive and accurate data at your fingertips.

  • BizMiner: BizMiner is the gold standard for industry and geographic data.Search 9,000 industries in thousands of U.S. market areas to get the most accurate information and metrics. 

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