ASARCO v. Americas Mining Corp. (I)

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August 30, 2008
1021 Copper Ores

ASARCO v. Americas Mining Corp. (I)
2008 WL 4009927(S.D. Tex.)
Federal Court
United States District Court
Navigant (plaintiff/debtor); Craig Pirrong (defendant)


Fraudulent transfer claims in bankruptcy turn on multi-million dollar valuation of controlling interest in foreign mining company.
ASARCO v. Americas Mining Corp. (I)
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ASARCO  v. Americas Mining Corp., 2008 WL 4009927 (S.D. Tex.) (Aug. 30, 2008) By 2003, a century-old mining company had entered “the zone of insolvency,” according to its valuation and legal advisors. Its most valuable asset: a 54% controlling interest in a Peruvian copper concern, which was worth between $600 million and nearly $1 billion. When its parent company decided to purchase the asset, those same advisors warned the board of directors that it ...