Business Valuation and Bankruptcy: Case Law Compendium, 3rd Edition

March 2021 Hardcover, PDF

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

Valuation issues arise at every turn as a bankruptcy case proceeds – whether in connection with adequate protection, plan confirmation, the assessment of solvency or avoidance actions.  Bankruptcy and business valuation are always inter-connected.

The bestselling Business Valuation & Bankruptcy: Case Law Compendium, Third Edition from BVR once again delivers, digests and summarizes all relevant recent case law.  This one-of-a-kind legal resource saves you hours of research and features a collection of articles and analysis that will prove illuminating for any practitioner.

The Summary Tables in themselves are worth the purchase!
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Highlights of the Compendium Include:

  • A go-to resource with key bankruptcy and business valuation cases in one place
  • Have confidence in legal coverage from the internationally-recognized BVR editorial and legal teams
  • Summary tables for easy reference: quickly find case name, date, court, state/jurisdiction and brief summary
  • Exclusive online access to full court opinions

Table of Contents


PART I. Latest Insights

Chapter 1. Special Report: The Impact of COVID-19 on Restructuring, Insolvency and Impairment

Chapter 2. What the New Subchapter V in Bankruptcy Means to Business Valuers

Chapter 3. Tips on Handling 10 Key Issues in Bankruptcy Valuations

Chapter 4. Choose Your Client Wisely in a Bankruptcy Engagement

Chapter 5. The Use of Financial Projections in Solvency Opinions

PART II. Court Case Digests

Court Case Summary Table

Court Case Digests

Adelphia Recovery Trust v. FPL Group, Inc. (In re Adelphia Corp.)

In re Aerogroup International, Inc.

Alberts v. HCA, Inc.

In re Alta+Cast LLC

American Classic Voyages Co. v. JP Morgan Chase Bank (I)

American Classic Voyages Co. v. JP Morgan Chase Bank (II)

In re American Home Mortgage Holdings, Inc. (I)

In re American Home Mortgage Holdings, Inc. (II)

In re American Homepatient, Inc.

In re: American Suzuki Motor Corporation

Antioch Co. Litig. Trust v. Morgan

Ardmor Vending v. Kim

ASARCO v. Americas Mining Corp. (I)

ASARCO v. Americas Mining Corp. (II)

In re Bachrach Clothing, Inc.

Bakst v. United States of America (In re: Kane & Kane)

Bank of America, N.A. v. Veluchamy (In re Veluchamy)

In re Bartomeli

In re Body Transit

In re Boston Generating

Boyer v. Crown Stock Distribution, Inc.

In re Breitburn Energy Partners LP

Burtch v. Opus, LLC (In re Opus East, LLC) (I)

Burtch v. Opus, LLC (In re Opus East, LLC) (II)

In re Capmark Financial Group

In re Case No. 800 Bourbon St.

In re Certified HR Service Co. (II)

Charles J. Lisle, Trustee v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

In re Chemtura Corp. (I)

In re Chemtura Corp. (II)

In re Chrysler LLC

In re Civic Partners Sioux City, LLC

In re Cole

In re Colonial Realty Company; Hirsch v. Steinberg (II)

In re Coram Healthcare Corp.

Crane v. Morris (In re Morris)

In re Dawes

In re DBSD North America, Inc.

Dietz v. Jacobs

DMC Investment Corporation v. Pincrest Investment Co., et al.

Doctors Hospital of Hyde Park, Inc. v. Desnick et al.

In re Eastman Kodak Company

EBC I, Inc. v. America Online, Inc.

In re EM Lodgings, LLC

In re Emerge Energy Services LP

In re Fairvue Club Properties

In re Frezzo

In re Genco Shipping & Trading Ltd.

In re Global Technovations, Inc. (I)

In re Global Technovations, Inc. (II)

In re Global Technovations, Inc. (III)

In re Glueck

In re Greater Southeast Community Hospital Corp. (I)

In re Greater Southeast Community Hospital Corp. (II)

In re Greater Southeast Community Hospital Corp. (III)

H.G. Roebuck & Son, Inc. v. Alter Communications

Hanckel v. Campbell (In re Hanckel)

In re Harper

Healthco International v. Hicks, Muse & Co.

In re Hechinger Investment Company of Delaware, Inc.

In re Hechinger Investment Company of Delaware

Heilig Meyers Co. v. Internal Revenue Service

Holber v. M&T Bank (In re Scheffler)

In re Horsehead Holding Corp.

In re Houston Drywall, Inc.

In re Jonatzke

Joseph D. Olsen, Trustee of Huntley Ready Mix, Inc. v. Gary A. Floit

In re Joy Recovery Tech. Corp.; Daley v. Chang

In re Jumer’s Castle Lodge, Inc.

Kool, Mann, Coffee & Co., et al. v. L. Coleman Coffey, et al.

LaSalle National Bank Association v. Paloian

In re Lason, Inc.

In re Lehman Bros. Holdings Inc.

In re: LightSquared Inc.


In re Louis Frey Company, Inc.

In re Magna Cum Latte, Inc.

McDuffie v. O’Neal

In re Med Diversified, Inc. (I)

In re Med Diversified, Inc. (II)

In re Mercury Companies, Inc. (I)

In re Mercury Companies, Inc. (II)

Miller Bros. Coal v. Consol of Kentucky, Inc.

Monsanto Co. v. Roeder

Monticello Arcade v. Lyall

Mungo v. Taylor

In re Nanovation Technologies, Inc

In re Nellson Nutraceutical (I)

In re Nellson Nutraceutical (II)

Nelson v. Walnut Investment Partners

Nesser v. Boston Restaurants

Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors v. Calpers Corp. Partners, LLC

In re Oglesby

In re Oneida Ltd.

Paloian v. LaSalle Bank

In re Parnes

Peltz v. Hatten

Pension Benefits Guaranty Corp. v. CF&I Fabricators (In re: CF&I Fabricators)

Pereira v. Dow Chem. Co. (In re Trace Int’l Holdings, Inc.)

Post-Confirmation Communication for Small Loans, Inc. v. Martin

In re Premier Entertainment Biloxi LLC

In re Prince

Pryor v. Tiffen (In re TC Liquidations LLC)

In re PWS Holding Corporation

r2 Advisors, LLC v. Equitable Oil Purchasing Co. (In re Red Eagle Oil, Inc.)

Redmond v. NCMIC Fin. Corp. (In re Brooke Corp.)

In re Residential Capital, LLC

Lippe v. Bairnco Corp. (I)

Lippe v. Bairnco Corp. (II)

Lippe v. Bairnco Corp. (III)

In re Robert E. Mahoney, Jr. Debtor

Samson v. Western Capital Partners LLC (In re Blixseth)

In re South Canaan Cellular Investments

In re Spansion

In re Spielfogel

Stadtmueller v. Fitzgerald (In re Epic Cycle Interactive, Inc.)

In re Sunedison, Inc.

Superior Offshore International, Inc. v. Schaefer

In the Matter of TCI 2 Holdings, LLC

In re Terrestar Networks, Inc.

In re Thomas, Debtors

Tidwell v. Leskosky

In re TOUSA, Inc.

Trans World Airlines, debtor v. Trans World Airlines Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors

In re Tribune Co.

In re Tronox Incorporated

U.S. Bank N.A. v. Verizon Communications Inc.

United Airlines, Inc. v. Regional Airports Improvement Corp.

Valley Vulcan Mold v. AMPCO

In re Valley-Vulcan Mold Co., Debtor

VFB LLC v. Campbell Soup Co. (II)

In re Village at Camp Bowie I, L.P.

Villaje del Rio, Ltd. v. Colina del Rio, L.P.

Vision-Park Properties v. Seaside Engineering

Waller v. Pidgeon

In re Washington Mutual, Inc.

Weinman v. Crowley (In re Blair)

Weisfelner v. Blavatnik (In re Lyondell Chem. Co.)

In re Westpointe, L.P. (II)

In re White

Whyte v. C/R Energy Coinvestment II, L.P. (In re SemCrud)

In re Winstar Communication, Inc.

In re Yellowstone Mountain Club, LLC

In re Young Broadcasting, Inc.