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The BVR Firm Economics & Best Practices Guide: For Business Valuation, Forensic, and Litigation Support Professionals, 2019/2020 Edition

February 2019 PDF, Softcover

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

BVR's one-of-a-kind Firm Economics & Best Practices Guide provides business valuation, forensic, and litigation support (BVFLS) professionals with the largest and most thorough analysis of BVFLS firm best practices in financial management, marketing, human resources, compensation, and professional and ownership standards. Learn more >>

Milliman 2018 Northwest Executive Compensation Survey

November 2018 PDF (89 pages)



The Northwest Executive Compensation Survey provides unique reference information regarding executive compensation practices within Northwest companies. This survey covers personnel in the states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho and is the only comprehensive source of data on executive compensation, benefits, and perquisites within the Northwest. Learn more >>

The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages, Fifth Edition (Two Volumes)

August 2018 Hardcover, PDF

Jonathan Dunitz, Nancy Fannon

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages, Fifth Edition edited by NancyJ. Fannon and Jonathan Dunitz, bridges the gap between the economics in damages cases and what the courts say about the calculations and evidentiary requirements.  Learn more >>

2018 Discount for Lack of Marketability Study

July 2018 PDF

Bruce A. Johnson, James R. Park

Partnership Profiles, Inc.

The 2018 Discount for Lack of Marketability Study provides objective rate of return measures to implement the Johnson/Park Empirical Method for determining a discount for lack of marketability (DLOM) for the valuation of interests in privately held corporations and partnerships.  Learn more >>

The Cannabis Industry Accounting and Appraisal Guide

July 2018

Brenda Clarke, Ron Seigneur, Stacey Udell

The guide presents everything a cannabis business owner needs to know about choosing a business structure; basic accounting; setting up an accounting system, taxes, how to avoid an audit, the basics of valuation, and how to build value into your business for the future.Learn from this comprehensive guide about this exciting, relatively new, and rapidly evolving industry. Learn more >>

FactSet Mergerstat Review, 2018

May 2018 Hardcover, PDF

FactSet Mergerstat

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

The FactSet Mergerstat Review is the cornerstone of any mergers and acquisitions library. This must-have resource delivers comprehensive rosters, data and statistics on merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions that involve U.S. companies, including privately held, publicly traded and cross–border transactions, and also lists unit divestitures, management buyouts, and certain asset sales. 
Learn more >>

Architecture and Engineering Business Valuation and M&A Transaction Study, Fifth Edition

April 2018 PDF

Rusk O'Brien Gido Partners

Rusk O'Brien Gido Partners

Now in its fifth year, this study examines data from 169 distinct stock transactions collected via a confidential online survey. All data is analysed and compiled by Rusk O’Brien Gido + Partners’ team of accredited business appraisers — individuals with decades of experience valuing privately held architecture and engineering (A/E) firms. Learn more >>

Valuation for M&A: Building and Measuring Private Company Value, Third Edition

April 2018 978-1-119-43738-3 Hardcover (496 pages)

Chris Mellen, Frank Evans

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Valuation for M&A lays out the steps for measuring and managing value creation in non-publicly traded entities, and helps investors, executives, and their advisors determine the optimum strategy to enhance both market value and strategic value and maximize return on investment. Learn more >>

What It’s Worth: Valuing Paving Contractors

April 2018 PDF

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

In BVR's new special report, What It’s Worth: Valuing Paving Contractors, you’ll get advice from top experts who work with this industry on a daily basis. You'll learn the best methods to apply when valuing a paving company and gain critical insights on industry trends and risks.  Learn more >>

Business Valuations and the IRS: Five Books In One

March 2018 Softcover (852 pages)

Michael Gregory

Birch Grove Publishing

Business Valuations and the IRS:Five Books in One, written by expert Michael Gregory, is specifically for business appraisers, expert witnesses, and those who work with or may need to work with the IRS regarding business valuations.This must-have publication aids the reader in understanding classification, the IRS review processes and structure, and how to resolve conflicts with the IRS. Learn more >>

Comprehensive Guide for the Valuation of Family Limited Partnerships, 5th Edition

February 2018 Hardcover

Bruce A. Johnson, James R. Park, Spencer Jefferies

Partnership Profiles, Inc.

The Comprehensive Guide for the Valuation of Family Limited Partnerships, published by Partnership Profiles, includes all new updates since the 4th edition released in 2011. Learn more >>

Business Valuation Case Law Yearbook, 2018 Edition

February 2018 Hardcover, PDF

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

The Business Valuation Case Law Yearbook, 2018 Edition is essential for business appraisers and attorneys who want to stay ahead of their peers on the most important legal issues brought up in business valuation-related cases. With in-depth analysis from BVR’s legal team, the lessons learned in this book help appraisers reach better and more defensible valuation conclusions. And, attorneys who retain appraisers as financial experts learn how their experts can help them win (or lose) in court.  Learn more >>

Business Valuation Update Yearbook, 2018 Edition

February 2018 Hardcover, PDF

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

BVR has you covered with the Business Valuation Update Yearbook 2018. This newest edition from the publishers of Business Valuation Update covers the year’s most groundbreaking and thought-provoking advancements in business valuation, and more. This critical desktop reference keeps you ahead of your peers with on-the-ground reporting from valuation experts, thought-leaders, and BVR’s editorial team. Learn more >>

BVR/AHLA Guide to Valuing Physician Compensation and Healthcare Service Arrangements, Second Edition

October 2017 Hardcover, PDF (1,400 pages)

Mark Dietrich, Timothy Smith

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

This new guide challenges and deconstructs the industry’s current standard for the fair market value (FMV) of physician clinical compensation based on the exclusive use of survey data and certain percentile-based valuation methods. Itdebunks the current “survey says” paradigm and provides the foundation for a completely new standard for the FMV of physician clinical compensation. Learn more >>

BVR/ktMINE Royalty Rate Benchmarking Guide, 2017/2018 Global Edition

October 2017 PDF, Softcover

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

The BVR/ktMINE Royalty Rate Benchmarking Guide, 2017/2018 Global Edition was developed to help provide analysts clarity with an aggregated, big-picture indication of royalty rate trends within industries. The 21 industries examined within this guide help provide better transparency from licensing transactions in a global marketplace that is often murky. Learn more >>