Understanding Business Valuation - 6th edition

February 2022 Hardcover, PDF

Gary Trugman

Business Valuation Resources, LLC



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In this exciting new edition of Understanding Business Valuation, Gary Trugman takes his characteristic talent for simplifying the technical and complex to even greater heights.  In his easy-to-read and understand style he covers all the bases with valuation approaches, methods, and techniques. Trugman identifies critical points in his callout notes throughout the publication. 

This book is ideal for practitioners of any experience level as well as for onboarding and training new or junior level analysts.  It features a companion website and corresponding training programs.

6th edition updates include:

  • An expanded section on personal goodwill
  • An expanded report-writing section that also trains on creating a solid rebuttal report
  • A companion website for access to case studies, data samples, case law, and more
  • An extensive bibliography
  • Updated real-world examples and exhibits
This publication and many more are also available for download with a subscription to the Digital Library or BVResearch Pro.
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