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Purchase price allocations shift away from goodwill

Volterra Semiconductor Corp. v. Primarion, Inc.

In a patent case, in a pretrial ruling, the court finds the plaintiff cannot claim direct harm for lost revenues its foreign subsidiary sustained because of the defendants’ infringement by relying on expert testimony that equated the value of the injury d ...

Wearables: a fad or our future

Dish Network can still offer its ad-skipping Hopper

DHX/Ragdoll deal Is emblematic of IP deal-making

New resources for managers of IP

How do you value IP in licensed property acquisitions?

BEA revises 2nd quarter economic data

Electro-Mechanical Corp. v. Power Distribution Products, Inc.

In ruling on defendants’ post-trial motion, district court finds plaintiff’s expert improperly invoked the entire market value rule (EMVR) in calculating lost profits because customers did not decide to buy a system containing the patented device simply t ...

The war against software patents rages on

Is the organization of a music playlist protected IP?

Catch phrases extend celebrity brands

Estate of Michael Jackson sues the IRS

Michael Jackson’s estate is suing the IRS over valuation—assets causing the problem include amounts attributable to the singer’s likeness and intellectual property.

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