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Statistical Methodologies for Analyzing Active and Passive Appreciation

A rundown of the existing quantitative models that have been developed that separates the active and passive appreciation of a closely held business involved in a marital dissolution case. The models seek to statistically identify market forces that reasonably cause changes in the value of assets.

‘Survey Says’ for FMV of Physician Compensation Is on Its Last Legs

The use of compensation surveys to determine the fair market value of physician compensation is seriously flawed, a position well-known expert Mark Dietrich has long maintained. Plus, recent government regulations confirm his position. He offers an alternate methodology.

Recap of the VSCPA Forensic and Valuation Virtual Conference

Topics at the Virginia CPAs’ event included COVID-19, the use of statistics for lost profits, key federal tax cases, personal goodwill, forensics, reasonable compensation, and cybercrime.

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Insurance Agencies and Brokerages

Industry intelligence is excerpted from the new guide, What It’s Worth: Valuing Insurance Agencies.

Benchmark Data on Contract-Based Intangible Assets and Remaining Useful Lives

Many contract-based relationships represent identifiable intangible assets that require valuation apart from goodwill. The data here are from the third edition of Benchmarking Identifiable Intangibles and Their Useful Lives in Business Combinations, which includes data from almost 16,000 purchase price allocations.

Economy, Cannabis, Physician Pay, SPACs, and Expert Testimony Among the Hot Topics at the NJCPA BV Conference

Key takeaways from the 2021 New Jersey CPA Society’s Business Valuation and Litigation Services Conference are included.

Global BV News and Trends November 2021

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

BV News and Trends November 2021

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

Good News: Key Research on Private Cost of Capital Is Back

On the brink of ending its long run, the Private Capital Markets Project from Pepperdine University has secured funding to continue its ongoing survey of expected rates of return of providers in the private capital market.

Updated Data Help Appraisers With RULs of Intangible Assets

To estimate the expected remaining useful life (RUL) of an intangible asset, it can be helpful to see how other appraisers have assigned RULs to similar assets in the subject industry. Data on 18 identifiable intangible types (also broken down by industry) culled from almost 16,000 purchase price allocations (PPAs) have been assembled into the third edition of Benchmarking Identifiable Intangibles and Their Useful Lives in Business Combinations.

Warning to Business Valuers Looking to Use New ESG Ratings

A hot topic today is environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors and how to reflect the impact of these factors in business valuations and financial reporting. Data are starting to emerge to help quantify the impact of ESG—but analysts need to be careful in using these data.

Premium Gap Closes Between Strategic and Financial Acquisitions

The difference between the premium strategic buyers pay for acquisitions versus what financial buyers pay has decreased, according to recent data in the Factset MergerStat/BVR Control Premium Study.

COVID-19 Cloud Has Silver Lining in the Cannabis Sector

A good example of the varying effects of COVID-19 on different industries can be found in the cannabis sector. Of course, the pandemic has had devasting effects overall, but something interesting happened in this sector that allowed it to weather the storm fairly well, according to valuation experts close to the industry.

BV News and Trends October 2021

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

Florida’s Proposed Change to Goodwill Could Set a Precedent

The Family Law Section of the Florida Bar is proposing legislation to clarify the value of goodwill in the marital interest of closely held businesses. The authors envision that this proposed legislation could set a precedent for future family law matters throughout the United States.

Global BV News and Trends October 2021

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

COVID-19 and BV: Hitchner gives an update

In the opening session of the Virginia Society of CPAs’ Forensic and Valuation Services Virtual Conference, James Hitchner (Valuation Products and Services) gave a current perspective about the many challenges the pandemic has presented for business valuations.

CFAs support annual testing for goodwill impairment

Global standard-setters, such as the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) in the U.S., are revisiting the issue of annual impairment testing versus amortization of goodwill.

Trugman talks about his new book at the ASA confab

If you visited the BVR booth at the American Society of Appraisers International Conference in Las Vegas, you would have had the chance to chat with Gary Trugman (Trugman Valuation), who was taking a break from working on the new, sixth edition of his book Understanding Business Valuation.

Business owners have many misconceptions about value

Many private-business owners overestimate the value of their business, says an article on Axial by Al Danto, “Business Valuation Misconceptions.”

Global BV News: Most large firms suffer major impact from illicit activity

Kroll’s Global Fraud and Risk Report reveals that 57% of respondents at companies with a turnover of more than $15 billion reported a very significant impact of illicit activity, such as fraud, corruption, and money laundering, on their organization, with a further quarter (25%) describing the impact as somewhat significant.

BV movers . . .

Taylor Rosanova, CFA, ASA, has been promoted to partner at New York City-based Marcum LLP.

CPE events

Option Price Modeling in Early-Stage Valuation: Practical Insights, October 28, 10:00 a.m.-11:40 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m.-2:40 p.m. ET. Featuring: Antonella Puca (MPI Valuation Services). CPE credits: 2.0.

Latest issue of the ASA BVReview now in BVRPro

The BVResearch Pro platform contains the full archive of BVReview (going back to 1982!), the business valuation journal of the American Society of Appraisers.

Gift and Estate Tax Valuation Update

Join Barry Sziklay for important 2021 income and transfer tax valuation cases as well as the valuation aspects of the adequate disclosure regulations required to report a gift for federal transfer tax purposes and start the statute of limitations running. Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Chapter 14 valuations, Special Valuation Rules §§ 2701-2704, will be addressed in a summary fashion given the complexities of the rules required for a valuation to meet the requirements of Chapter ...

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