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New Study Reveals BV Research Sources of Choice

A survey of business valuation firms asked about research tools used for industry analysis, transactions, premiums and discounts, cost of capital, guideline public company analyses, compensation, valuation-related case law, and more.

How the Healthcare Industry Misuses and Abuses Survey Data

Compensation survey data do not provide a complete and precise depiction of the physician marketplace for any physician deal. The authors debunk the current “survey says” paradigm and provide the foundation for a completely new standard for the fair market value of physician clinical compensation.

Evolving Issues in Proving Lost Profits in Commercial Litigation

The authors provide a formal model of lost profits with a special focus on measurement of expenses, how “time” is a factor, and special efforts the expert needs to make to reduce the chances of failing a Daubert challenge.

VRC Mixes Valuation Work With Giving Back to the Profession

Senior members of Valuation Research Corp. (VRC) give an update on the firm’s work in M&A advisory, transactions, portfolio valuations, and more, but they also talked about the role the firm plays in the development of the valuation profession itself.

BVU News and Trends April 2019

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

Global BVU News and Trends April 2019

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

The Secrets to Expert Testimony That Engages and Persuades a Court

Some techniques to help prevent experts from imploding during fierce cross-examination.

Daubert Rulings Reflect Courts’ Disparate Views on Gatekeeping Role

As several recent court decisions show, different judges interpret the gatekeeping role, which they assume under Rule 702 and Daubert, very differently. Some courts take a liberal approach while others favor close scrutiny of the expert’s qualifications and proposed opinion.

BVFLS firms disclose their best management practices

A focus on quality control, the improvement of work product output, as well as the support of staff are among the most successful new management practices or policies business valuation, forensic, and litigation support (BVFLS) firms used over the past year, according to a BVR survey.

Recent Daubert rulings show courts’ different takes on the role of gatekeeper

A series of recent Daubert cases illustrate how different courts may interpret the role of “gatekeeper,” which they perform under Rule 702 and Daubert.

Series of articles examines physician practice losses

Regulatory as well as financial concerns are driving the need to address the issue of health systems losing money on acquired physician practices.

For a divorce, how many components are there in goodwill?

In divorce cases, it may be necessary to carve up goodwill because, in many jurisdictions, enterprise goodwill is marital property, but personal goodwill is not.

TAF celebrates women in appraisal

For International Women’s Day, The Appraisal Foundation (TAF) celebrated the women who are advancing the appraisal profession by serving the organization in various ways.

New CEO for the ASA

After an exhaustive search, the American Society of Appraisers has named Johnnie White, CAE, CMP, as its new CEO effective April 15.

A special request …

Bob Duffy was a friend, colleague, and mentor to many in the BV profession who battled ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

Global BV News: Valuations slanted for squeezeouts in Finland

A paper examines the choices of valuation methods and their association with redemption prices in disputes concerning private-company squeezeouts.

BV movers . . .

San Francisco-based Valuation Research Corp. (VRC) has added five financial reporting professionals.

CPE events

Valuing Closely Held Farms and Ranches with Economic Reality (March 21), with Ericka Heiser (Ketel Thorstenson).

New and Trending LinkedIn Discussions

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New survey results on the business valuation, forensic, and litigation support profession

BVR recently surveyed more than 160 business valuation, forensic, and litigation support (BVFLS) firms on best practices in financial management, marketing, human resources, compensation, and professional ownership and standards. The wealth of information that comprises our new guide makes it the largest and most thorough analysis of BVFLS firms.

The Legend of Weighted Average Return on Assets and Benchmarking Purchase Price Allocation Data

The author's research shows that only current assets, non-competes, and customer relationships have any predictability to WACC in limited industries. In general, when intangibles have significance, their coefficients are negative, which reduces WACC and implied risk. This finding supports the claim by Lev and Gu (2008) that intangibles are important assets, which reduce, not increase risk. The concept that intangible always should have a premium above WACC is unfounded, and the premise of ARM 34 that intangibles are ancillary assets is outdated. The author suggests and alternative method to use purchase price allocation data to support the selection of premiums above WACC.

Part Two On Business Succession Planning--How the Advantage May Be Given to the Child Keeping the Business

Part two of an article, which describes how a parent may transfer a business over to a child in a succession plan while trying to minimize the financial burden to that child.

Business Succession Plan--How the Advantage May Be Given to the Child Keeping the Business

How a parent may transfer a business over to a child in a succession plan while trying to minimize the financial burden to that child.

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 3-Ring Demographic Profile (2016) 2601 Market Street, 17011 (3, 5, 10 miles) Developed By: Foundation Consulting Developed For: Main Street Coffee 1 Population and Demographics Primary Radius (3 miles) Second Radius (5 miles) Third Radius (10 miles) Total population 75,183 100% 197,979 100% 377,916 100% Male 37,986 50.52% 96,048 48.51% 183,841 48.65% Female 37,197 49.48% 101,931 51.49% 194,075 51.35% Primary Radius (3 miles) Second Radius (5 miles) Third Radius (10 miles) 5-9 Years 3,879 5.16% 12,505 6.32% 22,925 6.07% 10-14 Years 4,105 5.46% 12,542 6.07% 22,932 6.07% 15-19 Years 3,480 4.63% 11,020 5.57% 23,482 6.21% 20-24 Years 4,664 6.20% 11,267 ...

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