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Assessing Additional Economic Risk Due to COVID-19

A template that can serve as a framework of thinking about the impact of the coronavirus on a subject company. The author presents a series of questions that help assess the short- and long-term risks with respect to the subject company’s industry, physical operations, financial issues, and firm management.

ESOP Case Appeal Stokes Controversy Over DOL Valuations

A series of court cases have generated controversy over the tactics and valuation methods the Department of Labor (DOL) has been using, including claims that the DOL has improperly redefined the term “fair market value,” does not follow generally accepted valuation principles nor standards, and continually uses an expert the valuation community deems “unqualified.”

Damage Valuation in a Financial Advisor Termination Case

In a wrongful termination of a financial advisor, the damage calculation involves a determination of the value of the advisor’s book of business at the time of termination as well as consequential and any special damages.

Cost of Equity and COVID-19: What to Do?

A forward-looking approach, implied volatilities, and total beta are used to determine an appropriate cost of equity during “unprecedented” times such as we have now to supplement one’s analysis.

BVU News and Trends June 2020

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

Global BVU News and Trends June 2020

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

Alternate Valuation Methods in the Era of COVID-19

The authors address the impact of COVID-19 on the capital markets and offer alternate valuation methods that should be considered in these turbulent times.

A Revisit of ‘Known or Knowable’ and Subsequent Events in the COVID-19 World

The authors have a recurring client for whom they perform an annual valuation as of December 31. They give a best practice suggestion as to how to address the coronavirus in their valuation report. The article includes a COVID-19 timeline they developed.

A Veteran Valuer’s Guidance on COVID-19 and the ‘Soul’ of a Business

An interview with Robert Schlegel, FASA, MCBA (Houlihan Valuation Advisors), in which he gives his perspectives on our current economic environment and how that affects the business valuation community.

Perfect Storm: COVID-19 and 2020 Election—Unexpected Windfall for E&G Tax Planning

Insights into the impacts on the estate and gift tax area and the opportunities it presents for business valuers.

A View From the UK on the Cost Approach Amid the Current Crisis

The Cinderella of business valuation approaches is likely to make it to the ball when we start to count the economic cost of the present crisis.

Is History Repeating Itself? A List of BV Guidance From the 2008 Financial Crisis

Insights from business valuation history can give some degree of help during today’s crisis. Here are some blasts from the past courtesy of the search capabilities of the BVResearch Pro platform.

BVU News and Trends May 2020

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

Global BVU News and Trends May 2020

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

The Valuation Paradigm of COVID-19: Using the DCF Method After an Economic Crisis

The challenge amid today’s market disruption is to revert back to the foundational elements of valuation and how to properly apply those “blocking and tackling” fundamentals during very untraditional times.

A Closer Look at BVR’s New Guideline Public Company Comps Tool

BVR is excited to announce the release of its new Guideline Public Company Comps Tool (GPCCT), a state-of-the-art, web-based platform that offers access to complete financial statements, financial ratios, and multiples for comparable companies—and even includes an Excel add-in.

Business Valuation Update - Special Issue (June 2020)

June 2020 PDF

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

The Business Valuation Update (BVU) has been the voice of the valuation profession since its inception in 1995. The June 2020 issue features articles and other information to support valuation experts in addressing the coronavirus in valuations they are currently working on. Learn more >>

AICPA issues FAQs on valuing distressed or impaired businesses

Strong companies may see the current pandemic as an opportunity to fortify their balance sheets and other assets, according to the AICPA’s FAQs on Valuation Considerations When Valuing Distressed or Impaired Businesses.

Put extra scrutiny on market comps, panel advises

The market approach is obviously troublesome now, which makes it even more important to scrutinize your comps, according to a panel that participated in BVR’s second free Town Hall event on the impact of COVID-19 on valuations.

Willamette’s spring 2020 Insights focuses on ESOP valuations

The spring 2020 Insights from Willamette Management Associates focuses on ESOP employer stock valuations and contains a number of articles, such as “Employee Stock Ownership Plan Financial Feasibility Analysis: Financial Considerations for Shareholders” (Robert F. Reilly), “Valuation Treatment of the Repurchase Obligation Liability” (Kyle J. Wishing), “The Fiduciary Process for the Annual Update of the ESOP Share Value” (Frank “Chip” Brown), “Pizzella v. Vinoskey: A Costly Lesson to Learn” (Lisa H. Tran), and more.

ASA opens nominations for Rising Stars Award

The American Society of Appraisers (ASA) has launched its third annual offering of the Rising Stars, an award that honors the brightest valuation professions, age 40 and under, who have demonstrated success over the past fiscal year.

Global BV News: KPMG on cost of capital in Austria

KPMG Austria recommends a risk-free rate of 0.0% and an equity risk premium of 8.5% to 9.0% as of March 31, 2020, for the Austrian market, according to its latest quarterly brief.

Global BV News: Two new members join the IVSC

The International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) has announced two new members: the European Mortgage Federation (Institutional Member) and the University of Economics, Prague (Academic Member).

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Sean Carlin, CPA, CFA, CVA, has been promoted to partner in the transaction advisory services practice at Richmond, Va.-based Cherry Bekaert ...

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