New resources for managers of IP

Raymond Millien, of the PCT Law Group, PLLC, compiled a directory of intermediaries for players in the U.S. patent marketplace. From private equity investors, to lenders…from auction houses to IP insurance advisors, the directory comes with names, phone numbers, and URLs. There are over 100 entries, including the main non-practicing entities. The directory is misnamed (“IP”), as it narrowly focuses on patents. Also, though the description is of the U.S. marketplace, the directory rightfully includes contact information at European houses that affect that marketplace.

IAM Magazine has published three free-to-view guides for those responsible for global IP management:

China: Managing the IP lifecycle – a guide to creating, protecting and exploiting IP in China;

India: Managing the IP lifecycle – a guide to creating, protecting and exploiting IP in India; and

The IP Monetisation Yearbook – an annual review of key issues relating to IP monetization in Asia, Europe and North America.