Content revenue generation possibilities continue to grow as owners warm up to rentals

Valuation of copyrights is becoming more of a challenge, as new technology continues to change the revenue potential of content. As reported in Content Licensing, lately Twitter has been gaining traction as a way for rights owners to rent their content to brands to incorporate into social media marketing efforts.

In September, the social network signed major deals with CBS and the NFL, notching its two biggest video deals to date. The NFL will embed short, “instant replay” clips from games into tweets, along with five-to-eight-second preroll ads from a sponsor. The sponsors will also send the tweets to their own Twitter followers; Verizon and McDonald’s have already signed on. Revenue will be split between Twitter and the NFL.

The CBS deal will include video clips from 42 of the network’s shows and cover 20 CBS-owned brands, including CBS Interactive online properties such as CNET,, and its fantasy football site.