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Hear expert Efrat Kasznik analyze several recent IPOs involving several unicorns and try to understand how the value of these assets is reflected in the value of the initial public offering..

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Valuing Wineries in 2018—An Update

2018 will be a good year … to learn about valuing wineries. Join valuation experts Keith Meyers and Chris Meineke as they explain the nuances of this industry, including slow inventory turns, high capital requirements, and specialized laws controlling the production and sale of alcoholic beverages. Take advantage of their wealth of experience performing valuations in the top wine regions in the U.S. Join us for a full case study, and learn to appreciate the ...

What It's Worth: Winery Value

May 2016 PDF (91 pages)

In What It’s Worth: Winery Value, you’ll get advice from top experts who work with wineries and study valuation issues associated with this industry on a daily basis. These experts walk you through the factors involved in winery valuation and examine the top value drivers including real estate, wine clubs, ancillary product sales, and production capacity.  Learn more >>

Business Valuation Update Yearbook 2015

February 2015 978-1-62150-048-3 Hardcover, PDF

BVR has you covered with the latest news in the business valuation profession! Get your Business Valuation Update Yearbook 2015 now to stay up to date with the most innovative approaches and techniques, leading conferences, new court decisions and changes in regulations and standards in the profession with on-the-ground reporting from valuation experts, thought-leaders and the BVR editorial team. Learn more >>

Making Sense of Confusing Definitions When Applying Standards of Value

Determining and applying the proper standard of value is essential to any valuation. All valuers are familiar with the common standards—fair value, market value, and fair market value. Yet contradictions abound, and making the right choice is not always easy even for the experienced practitioner. A business valuation that applies an inappropriate standard of value can be misleading and lead to adverse consequences for both valuers and their clients.

Special Considerations in Valuing Wineries

While many are familiar with the production methods, business models, and distribution goals of beverage manufacturers, the valuation of wineries is often complex. Join valuation expert Keith Meyers as he explains the nuances of this industry, including slow inventory turns, high capital requirements, and specialized laws controlling the production and sale of alcoholic beverages. Take advantage of Meyers’ abundant experience performing valuations in the top wine regions in the U.S. and enjoy this summer treat ...

Valuing Wineries and Breweries

In this special installment of BVR's Industry Spotlight Series, we relax into summer with a tall, cool, refreshing look at an industry whose products we all know. While many are familiar with the production methods, business models, and distribution goals of wineries and breweries, their valuations involve often complex considerations not readily apparent to the casual observer. Join valuation expert Jim Andersen as he explains the nuances that make these valuations so challenging. Take advantage ...

Unique Aspects of Wineries Make Valuation a Challenge

Wineries are similar to other manufacturing businesses in many ways because they convert raw materials (grapes) into a finished product (wine). The finished goods are sold to the end user either through a distribution network or directly. However, winerie ...

Valuation Q&A: Andersen Looks at Valuing Start-Up Wineries, Minority Interests, and Discounts for Personnel

At a recent well-attended BVR webinar on valuing wineries and breweries, speaker James Andersen, a 30-year veteran of winery valuations, fielded questions on valuing start-up wineries, minority interest, and discounts for personnel. Here’s a rundown of so ...

Global BV News: Trademark values for wineries

Vineyards and wineries do not face easy circumstances to build strong brands.

Key nuances of valuing wineries

When valuing a winery, experts should generally approach it as they would any other manufacturing process—with a few key differences, explains Keith Meyers.

The Market Approach Today: Deciphering Messages From Markets, Courts, and Common Appraisal Errors

You would be forgiven for viewing this as the age of the income approach. While increased scrutiny through scholarship and judicial decision has raised the income approach to new prominence, a turbulent economy and tempestuous public markets have caused some appraisers to shy away from the market approach. But keep in mind: No valuation is complete without thorough analysis, and market evidence appears throughout the valuation process. In The Market Approach Today: Deciphering Messages From Markets ...

What Opportunities Can Exit Planning Provide?

Join Vanessa Brown Claiborne and G.F. Gay Le Breton (both of Chaffe & Associates Inc.) for this must-attend webinar on the opportunities that exit planning can provide for valuation professionals. The experts will cover what tools are available for exit planning and what benefits it can provide to you, your clients, and their companies. With a practical case study, you’ll have a head start on adding exit planning as a service in 2018.

Valuing Craft Breweries

The valuation profession was born in the age of prohibition, and the recent craft beer explosion takes us back to our roots. It’s coming full circle, and it is all about the beer! According to the Brewers Association, the number of brewers has been steadily increasing, from just over 600 in 1994 to more than 2,800 in 2013. Join expert appraiser Courtney Sparks White for insight on the value drivers specific to craft breweries, along ...

Time to Abandon Discounted NAV? Why the Income Approach Should Be the Cornerstone for Valuing All Private Minority Interests

Conventional appraisal wisdom says that the value of a noncontrolling, illiquid interest in a private company or holding company is the net equity or net asset value, discounted for lack of control and lack of liquidity. But is this how markets for these types of interests really work? What are the problems with this indirect approach, and is there a better way? In this presentation, Eric Nath will systematically dismantle the conventional wisdom down to ...

Subsequent Events

The experts discuss standards for managing subsequent events, judicial precedents and guideline cases, the practicality of solutions to subsequent event problems, and the dangers of "known, knowable, and foreseeable." This is a must for any appraiser whose valuation report or testimony could be skewed by events after the fact.

Defining, Measuring & Defending Discounts for Lack of Liquidity

Teleconference Presentation and Transcript April 25, 2007 Moderator: Shannon Pratt, President of Shannon Pratt Valuations Speakers: Ashok Abbott, Professor of Finance at West Virginia University Rob Schlegel, Principal with Houlihan Valu ...

Succession Planning and Exit Strategies: Challenges and Opportunities Today

Not to mix analogies, but a tsunami of valuation opportunities is upon us, and your window of opportunity may be closing faster than you realize. We are referring, of course, to the impending retirements, sales, and bequests that are the result of an aging baby-boomer generation as they prepare to leave their businesses behind for the later stages of life. Though this surge of business appraisal and valuation work has long been on the horizon ...

Cool CPE events for the hot summer

Special Considerations in Valuing Wineries (August 13), with Keith Meyers (Perkins & Co ...

Hot slate of August CPE events

Special Considerations in Valuing Wineries (August 13), with Keith Meyers (Perkins & Co ...

Winery Valuations: Six Questions to Ask When Analyzing Operations and Cash Flows

There are many issues to consider before taking on a winery valuation engagement. Plus, there’s a valuation angle that can trigger big tax savings.

BVU News and Trends April 2018

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

SBA Inflames Real Estate and BV Turf War

There has always been a potential turf battle between real estate and business appraisers over who does what in certain types of engagements. For example, should real estate appraisers value not only the land, but also the golf course, the winery, or the ...

Valuation Experts Give Initial Thoughts on Tax Reform

Valuation experts were asked for their initial impressions on what to consider when doing valuations under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This will be an evolving discussion.

Business Valuation Year in Review 2016

It was an eventful year for the business valuation profession in 2016, both from a U.S. and global perspective. Here is a wrap-up of some of the more notable developments, some of which set the stage for 2017 and beyond.

More from BVR’s winning webinar series

We’ve selected five attendees at random from last week’s webinar Valuing Wineries & Breweries, each of whom will receive his or her choice of beer or wine from BVR’s home region of Portland, Ore.

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