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Mark Edwards discusses how NOL's, goodwill, and ASC 805 are all impacted by recent tax law change. 

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Dividing Goodwill: A Case Study in Active and Passive Appreciation:

When a couple divorce who gets the goodwill? Understanding how to correctly determine wealth appropriation is a “must-know” skill, but it is difficult to master. The most troubling issue with active and passive appreciation in divorce cases is applying a method based on empirical evidence and a clear common sense framework. Ashok Abbot demonstrates a methodology and supporting evidence to successfully isolate passive appreciation. Work through practice-ready examples across several industries and you’ll be sure ...

BVR Now Offers Vertical IQ as an Additional Source for Industry-Specific Research

The newest service for industry research is designed as an easy-to-use platform that focuses on the financial aspects of how firms operate in a particular industry.

Work File Checklist for Documenting the Fair Value of Contract Liabilities

A practice aid based on the Mandatory Performance Framework (MPF) for the Certified in Entity and Intangibles Valuation (CEIV) credential.

BVU News and Trends January 2019

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

Global BVU News and Trends January 2019

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

Synergyflow: A New System Designed to Add Intelligent Workflow to the BV Process

A new online workflow platform can be used with or without BV software to create, acquire, manage, and deploy the knowledge capital utilized in the valuation process.

Career Option: Neutral Financial Professional in Collaborative Divorce Proceedings

Valuators who work on divorce matters but dislike the litigation environment may find that serving as a neutral financial professional represents a very attractive career alternative.

2018 Key Business Valuation and Damages Cases

Choices for the most interesting and pivotal court cases of 2018 involving business valuation issues.

Business Valuation Year in Review 2018

The new tax law, lively debates, new guidance, a strong protest, and a simpler approach to estimating cost of capital were just some of the highlights in the business valuation profession during 2018.

Takeaways From the 2018 ASA Advanced BV Conference

A wrap-up of the ASA’s Joint ASA 2018 Advanced Business Valuation and International Appraisers Conference in Anaheim, Calif.

BVR’s New Cost of Capital Platform Makes Its Public Debut

A record-setting audience of valuation experts got the first look at BVR’s new simple, independent service to estimate the cost of capital. The online platform is designed to augment each appraiser’s own professional judgment and his or her other research.

The Valuation of Early Stage Enterprises: A Fair Value Update

Are you up to date on the guidance to fair value measurement under ASC 820 as applicable to early stage enterprise? Make sure you are aware of the guidance in the AICPA Guide on the Valuation of Portfolio Investments of Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds and Other Investment Companies, as well as other best practices. In our upcoming webinar, Antonella Puca and Andreas Dal Santo provide an overview of the valuation methodologies that are ...

Cost of Capital in Healthcare

Estimating cost of capital when valuing healthcare entities can be challenging due to (among other factors) the regulatory environment, the impact of changes in reimbursement, the size of the entities, the lack of guideline public companies and other entity specific risks. Kate Morris and Matt Warren will establish a logical framework for developing cost of capital in such entities within the context of the spectrum of market returns and the observed rates of return in ...

Valuing the Misuse of Intellectual Property Online

The internet has enabled business to expand across the world but has also aided IP infringement and defamation to spread with the same ease. Experts Doug Bania and Brian Buss will update you on the Internet and social media analytic tools available to valuation consultants and will deliver case studies on how to deploy these tools in your valuations and damages calculations. Bring your questions and become a better expert.

Divorce and Valuation: 15 issues for Cross Examination

The world of valuation is a complex discipline where seemingly minor errors can result in significant swings in value. Join Sean Saari and Rob Ranallo to learn about the most common errors made when valuing businesses and how to correctly address these issues. Not only will you gain insight into how to improve your own valuation analyses, but you will also learn what to look for when reviewing opposing experts’ reports.

Have We Lost the Forest For the Trees?

When BVR recently announced the launch of the Cost of Capital Professional, the author was pleased with its back-to-basics approach to estimating the cost of equity. The growing complexities of various aspects of business valuation prompted him to write this article, which speaks to the need to preserve the “art” of valuation.

Building a Successful BV Practice Within a CPA Firm

A BV practice is very different from a CPA practice. Here are five fundamentals that can spell the difference between success and failure of a valuation practice within a CPA firm.

Rethinking the Traditional Levels of Value—Continuing the Conversation

While the representation of a hierarchy of value has served generations of business valuers well, it now needs to be reshaped. One concern is that the hierarchy has at its core the concept of the control premium, a concept that has become strained beyond the breaking point.

IVSC Annual Meeting Emphasizes Standards Adoption

A recap of the Annual General Meeting of the International Valuation Standards Council, held October 22-24 in Dubai, UAE.

Global BVU News and Trends December 2018

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

BVU News and Trends December 2018

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

Work File Checklist for the Reconciliation of Intangible Asset Values

A practice aid based on the Mandatory Performance Framework (MPF) for the Certified in Entity and Intangibles Valuation (CEIV) credential.

Letter to the Editor: Calculation Engagements and USPAP

In response to the recent controversy over the use of calculation engagements. BVU recently published several articles on calculation engagements, and this letter is in response to those articles.

Valuing the Celebrity - Methodologies for Appraising the Right of Publicity

The right of publicity is the inherent right of each person to control the commercial use of his or her identity. The right, if available, generally protects a personality’s name, image, voice, signature, or likeness. Protection and exploitation of this intangible right, both during a celebrity’s lifetime and post-mortem (as dictated by the applicable state law), has become a valuable (if not the most important) component of a celebrity’s asset portfolio. Industry expert, Mark Roesler ...

Namerow v. PediatriCare Associates, LLC

In pediatrician buyout suit, court says practice’s operating agreement requires net worth calculation; court agrees with defense expert’s definition of “net worth” as the value of assets minus liabilities, as stated in the balance sheets, and rejects proposed inclusion of intangible assets.

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