What It's Worth: Winery Value

May 2016 PDF (91 pages)

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

Master the unique methods and techniques of winery valuation.

Whether you are a business appraiser, a winery owner, or an investor, wineries are very unique to assess and have many variables that affect the value. The weather can have a dramatic impact on the quality of the product from year-to-year, and as the industry grows, there’s the challenge of being able to secure the grapes needed to control the business. In addition, there is the long cycle of production, along with the distribution method where wineries fight for shelf space and attention.

In BVR's new special report, What It’s Worth: Winery Value, you’ll get advice from top experts who work with wineries and study valuation issues associated with this industry on a daily basis. These experts walk you through the factors involved in winery valuation and examine the top value drivers including real estate, wine clubs, ancillary product sales, and production capacity. They cover the best approaches to value the buildings associated with the winery, the specialized equipment needed to produce the wine, and the key personnel who operate the winery. In addition, this comprehensive report contains benchmarks that will help you understand where a winery falls in terms of revenue, liabilities, and overall value. Ensure you“hit the mark” when valuing a winery with this must-have resource.

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Highlights of the report include:

  • Master the unique methods and techniques of winery valuation: Learn the most effective approaches and unique factors when valuing a winery including inventory, product life cycle, capacity considerations and distribution methods

  • Reliably benchmark a winery’s value with real-world data from over 2,700 businesses: See where your subject company falls in its financial performance compared to other wineries with benchmarking data including revenue, liabilities, and operating ratios

  • Ensure a successful transition for an owner with key insights and trends on top value drivers: Explore all aspects of a succession plan and gain insight on the major considerations your clients should think about for their exit strategy

  • Navigate the legal landscape of winery valuation with three important court cases: Get lessons from the courts on how they view different valuation methods related to wineries. Cases include marital dissolution, distribution, and estate and gift tax



SECTION I: The Landscape of Value for the Winery Industry

  • Chapter 1: Key drivers in winery values

SECTION II: Valuation Methods and Considerations for Wineries

  • Chapter 2: Special issues and considerations for valuing wineries
  • Chapter 3: Six questions to ask when analyzing winery operations and cash flows
  • Chapter 4: Valuation example: A winery case study
  • Chapter 5: Four unique aspects of wineries make valuation a challenge
  • Chapter 6: Cases of note in winery transactions
    • Arn v. Arn
    • DFG Wine Co., LLC v. Eight Estates Wine Holdings, LLC
    • Estate of Heck v. Commissioner

SECTION III: Buy-sell Trends in the Winery Market

  • Chapter 7: The current market for wineries
  • Chapter 8: The buy-sell landscape for wineries

SECTION IV: Selling and Succession Planning for Winery Owners

  • Chapter 9: How to maximize the value of a winery
  • Chapter 10: How succession planning builds winery and vineyard value

SECTION V: Financial and valuation data for wineries

  • Chapter 11: Winery industry financial report from BizMiner
  • Chapter 12: Pricing rules of thumb - wineries