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Colmen Capital Advisors, Inc. v. Polar Plastics, Inc.

In this contract dispute, the principal valuation issue was the value of stock options that Colmen Capital Advisors Inc. had received for 20% of the common stock in Polpart Placements Inc. and Polar Plastics Inc. in exchange for Colmen's turnaround work related to these and affiliated companies.

Uzielli v. Frank

The issue in this case, involving a dispute over the meaning of the operating agreement of Alph Company, LLC (Alph) as to how the company was to be valued upon the death of one its two members, was whether a federal district court could issue a declarator ...

Estate of Abraham v. Commissioner (II)

The First Circuit affirmed all aspects of a Tax Court determination unfavorable to the estate of Ida Abraham (the Estate).

Fausch v. Fausch

The valuation issues in this marital dissolution were whether a discount for lack of marketability should have been applied to husband's minority interests in two medical-practice businesses, and whether a buy-sell provision in a third business was determ ...

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