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Pratt’s Stats (soon to be DealStats) is a robust online database that boasts the most complete financial details available on 29,300+ acquired private companies, with up to 149 data points that include six valuation multiples and 13 financial ratios. Each transaction includes detailed data to apply the market approach, derive a selling price, benchmark performance, or perform a fairness opinion analysis and BVR analysts rigorously review every transaction to ensure the most trustworthy data.

In addition, the Pratt’s Stats database includes the Pratt’s Stats Analyzeran Excel-based tool that greatly improves a user’s ability to select and deselect transactions, complete a detailed analysis, and export custom worksheets to a new Excel workbook.

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Additional Product Details

Get the most reliable and trustworthy private company transaction comparables available.

  • Defend your value conclusions with evidence from 29,300+, 100% sold private company transactions and get a detailed transaction report with seller details (when available), source data, income data, asset data, transaction data, valuation multiples, and more

  • Get hard-to-find data on how deals are structured including payment terms, purchase price allocations, employment agreements, non-compete agreements, private company financial statements, private company financial ratios

  • Select multiples with absolute confidence – complete ratio analytics let you easily select valuation multiples with the smallest coefficient of variation

  • Get a detailed purchase price allocation (when available) listing all the assets acquired and liabilities assumed, along with their values

  • Perform customized searches by buyer type, 919 NAICS and 846 four-digit SIC codes, sale date, revenue range, total assets, and more

  • Bolster your research with the Pratt’s Stats Analyzer, an Excel-based tool that computes valuable statistics and ratios and calculates various regression formulas and valuation multiples to a subject company. Key highlights include:
    • A percentile option that give users the ability to view or select a statistical measure above or below the median. For instance, a user can select the 25th percentile if they wish to apply a multiple that is halfway between the median and the minimum value, or they can select the 10th percentile to apply a multiple that is closer to the minimum value (the inverse applies for the 75th and 90th percentile selections). 
    • The 10th, 25th, median (50th), 75th, and 90th percentile values are calculated for the other summary financial figures (including income statement values, balance sheet values, and financial ratios), which gives users better insight into the population of transactions in their comparable group, compared with only viewing the median and average for the group. This also allows users to compare their subject’s financial ratios to the population.
    • Search tools to easily select and deselect transactions from analysis;
    • Scatter graphs to quickly determine outliers;
    • And many more!

  • Receive a free subscription to the publication Pratt's Stats Private Deal Update, a quarterly analysis of private company acquisitions by private buyers from the Pratt’s Stats database