Brown v. Brown

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May 11, 2009
8011 Offices and Clinics of Doctors of Medicine
621111 Offices of Physicians (except Mental Health Specialists)
marital dissolution/divorce

Brown v. Brown
2009 WL 1278430 (Ohio App. 12 Dist.)
State Court
Court of Appeals
David H Jackman, Patrick B Phillips


Trial court’s determination of medical practice value in divorce fails for lack of sufficient evidentiary findings ...
Brown v. Brown
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Flawed Medical Practice Determination Shows Difficulties of Trial Process

In the Brown divorce, the husband owned an OB/GYN practice where the wife worked part-time to help with accounting. At trial, only the wife presented expert testimony from a CPA with experience appraising businesses and medical practices. He analyzed five years of accounts receivable, concluding the practice was worth nearly $98,000. The husband testified that the receivables were only 10% collectible, however, essentially placing a value on his practice of just under $9,800. The wife also testified that, as part of ...