Business Valuation in Divorce Case Law Compendium, Fifth Edition

September 2020 Hardcover, PDF

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

The most current summary and analysis of U.S. legal decisions involving business valuation and divorce.

Since divorce statutes and law are state-specific, it is a time-consuming challenge for attorneys and financial experts alike to keep up with key valuation decisions and developments. The 5th edition of BVR’s Business Valuation in Divorce Case Law Compendium is the one reference that puts key insights and case law summaries in one place. Every divorce professional can stay ahead of the game with this indispensable resource.

The new compendium includes an updated collection of legal digests and a timely introduction by Executive Legal Editor, Sylvia Golden, Esq. You can trust BVR and a host of leading divorce practitioners to provide solid guidance on contested issues such as goodwill, S corporations, active/passive appreciation, double-dipping, and more. This one-of-a-kind resource, combining legal and valuation analysis, saves divorce practitioners research time with comprehensive coverage on the best (and worst) practices that attorneys and experts have used to make their case to courts throughout the country.

This publication and many more are also available for download with a subscription to the Digital Library or BVResearch Pro.
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Additional Product Details

  • Quickly and easily explore key valuation issues that arise in divorce cases: The compendium includes a handy chart that summarizes over 200 cases and lists each case by name, state, and date.

  • Save hours of research time with the most current analysis of business valuation issues in divorce cases: Easily navigate how courts across the U.S. view business valuation methods and approaches in divorce cases with  new and updated chapters, as well as newly analyzed cases.

  • Become a more effective and valuable financial expert with key strategies: Get in-depth analysis from BVR’s expert legal team on which techniques financial experts have employed that have either stood up or failed in court.

  • Tap into the knowledge of top business valuation experts: In addition to case law analysis, this compendium offers advice from top business valuation experts on how goodwill and S corporations are valued, as well as insight into active/passive appreciation, double-dipping, fair value, and more.

Table of Contents



PART I. Latest Insights

1. 25 Tips on Dealing With COVID-19 in Business Valuations

2. Assessing Additional Economic Risk Due to COVID-19

3. Attorneys and Valuers Strengthen Ties at AAML/BVR Divorce Confab

4. Avoiding Ethics Violations When Working on Divorce Cases

5. Career Option: Neutral Financial Professional in Collaborative Divorce Proceedings

6. Attorney’s Slant on Three Methods to Estimate Personal Goodwill

7. Simplified MUM for Determining Personal Goodwill

8. Charting Goodwill Jurisprudence (as of August 2020)

9. The Persistent Problem of ‘Double Dipping’

10. The Double-Dip Concept Is Often a Misconception

11. A Quantitative Model Evolves for Determining Passive Appreciation

12. The Expert Witness Process: Tips for Valuation Practitioners

13. Daubert Rulings Reflect Courts’ Disparate Views on Gatekeeping Role

Part II. Court Case Digests

14. Court Case Summary Table

15. Court Case Digests

A.C. v. J.O.

Abedi v. Abedi

Adams v. Adams

Ahern v. Ahern

In re Marriage of Alexander

Alexander v. Alexander

Alexander v. Alexander

Allison v. Allison

In re Marriage of Armour

Atherton v. Atherton

Bair v. Bair

Balicki v. Balicki

Balicki v. Balicki

Bates v. Bates

Banchefsky v. Banchefsky

Barnes v. Barnes

In re Marriage of Barten

Barth v. Barth

In re Marriage of Bauer

Baumbouree v. Baumbouree

Berg v. Young

Berger v. Berger

Bernier v. Bernier (I)

Bernier v. Bernier (II)

In re Marriage of Blazer

Bohme v. Bohme

Brave v. Brave (I)

Brave v. Brave (II)

Brickner v. Brickner

In re Marriage of Broesder

Brooks v. Brooks

Brown v. Brown

Brown v. Brown

Browne v. Browne, Jr.

In re Marriage of Bruns

Brusach v. Brusach

Bulloch v. Bulloch

Burchfield v. Burchfield

Burnett v. Burnett

Burstein v. Burstein

Burton v. Mooneyham

In re Marriage of Cantarella

Carney v. Carney

Caveney v. Caveney

Champion v. Champion

Charles v. Charles

Chattree v. Chattree

In re Marriage of Cheng

Clark v. Clark

Cobane v. Cobane

Code & Code

Colclasure v. Colclasure

In the Matter of Cottrell

Cox v. Cox

Crews v. Crews

Crider v. Crider

Cummings v. Cummings

Davidson v. Davidson (I)

Davidson v. Davidson (II)

In re Marriage of Devries

Doe v. Roe

Doyle v. Doyle

Drumheller v. Drumheller

Duke v. Duke

Elliott v. Elliott

In re Marriage of Erpelding

Farmer v. Farmer

Farrell v. Farrell (I)

Farrell v. Farrell (II)

Finby v. Finby

Fleischmann v. Fleischmann

Foppe v. Foppe

Fox v. Fox

Freihage v. Freihage

Fuller v. Fuller

Gallo v. Gallo

Garman v. Garman

Gaskill v. Robbins (I)

Gaskill v. Robbins (II)

Gaskill v. Robbins (III)

In the Matter of the Marriage of Gay

In re Marriage of Gelman

Gentile v. Gentile

Gifford v Gifford

Gill v. Gill

Goldfarb v. Yelton

Goodman v. Goodman

Goodwin v. Goodwin

Goswami v. Goswami

Grant v. Grant

Graves v. Tomlinson

Grelier v. Grelier (I)

Grelier v. Grelier (II)

Grow v. Grow

Gupta v. Gupta

In re Marriage of Hagar

Hall v. Hall

Halliday v Halliday

Hamelink v. Hamelink

In re Marriage of Hanscam

Hanusin v. Hanusin

Hartley v. Hartley

Hartline v. Hartline

In re Marriage of Hartung

In re Marriage of Hashemian

Hayden v. Pittendrigh

Haynes v. Haynes

Hebert v. Cote

Held v. Held

Helfer v. Helfer (I)

Helfer v. Helfer (II)

Heller v. Heller (I)

Heller v. Heller (II)

Heller v. Heller (III)

Henry v. Henry

Herbert v. Joubert

Hill v. Hill

Hissa v. Hissa (I)

Hissa v. Hissa (II)

Hoebelheinrich v. Hoebelheinrich

In re the Marriage of Hoker

In re Honer

Horne-Ballard v. Ballard

Howell v. Howell (II)

Hugh v. Hugh

Hultz v. Kuhn

Iacampo v. Oliver-Iacampo

Inzer v. Inzer

Jensen v. Jensen

Jimenez v. Jimenez

In re Marriage of Johnson

K.T. v. M.T.

Keane v. Keane

Kehrin v. Kehrin

Keig v. Keig

In re Marriage of Kerkhoff

Kim v. Kim

In re Marriage of Kingery

In re Marriage of Kirkendoll

Kminek-Nierenberg v. Kenneth Nierenberg

Kowalska-Davis v. Davis

Kvinta v. Kvinta

Lacoste v. Lacoste

Lemmen v. Lemmen

Loutts v. Loutts

Lucchesi v. Lucchesi

Lunn v. Lunn

Mandell v. Mandell

Marroquin v. Marroquin

In re Mauer

May v. May

McCarter v. McCarter

McKee v. McKee

McNee v. McNee

McRae v. McRae

McReath v. McReath (I)

McReath v. McReath (II)

In re Marriage of Meek-Duncomb

Miller v. Miller

Mistretta v. Mistretta

Moll v. Moll

Monaco v. Stewart

Moore v. Moore

Moore v. Moore

Moore v. Moore, Inc.

Moretti v. Moretti

Myhre v. Myhre

Nieman v. Nieman

O’Donnell-States v. States

Oudheusden v. Oudheusden

Palmerino v. Palmerino

Papin v. Papin

Pappas v. Pappas

Patel v. Patel

Pearlstein v. Pearlstein

Peltzer v. Peltzer

Persaud v. Goad

Perser v. Perser

In re Marriage of Preston

Prevost v. Prevost

In re Marriage of Price and Turkanis

Rabe v. Rabe (I)

Rabe v. Rabe (II)

Ramundo v. Ramundo

Reedy-Huffman v. Huffman

In re Marriage of Restaino

Rhodes v. Rhodes

In re Marriage of Rodenback

Rohling v. Rohling

Root v. Root

In re Marriage of Ross

Rozenman v. Rozenman

Russell v. Russell

Salumbides v. Salumbides

Sampson v. Sampson

Schickner v. Schickner

Settele v. Settele

Sharp v. Sharp

Shewbart v. Shewbart (I)

Shewbart v. Shewbart (II)

Short v. Short

Shuck v. Shuck

Sieber v. Sieber

Singley v. Singley (I)

Singley v. Singley (II)

Singley v. Singley (III)

Slater v. Slater

Slutsky v. Slutsky

Sommers v. Sommers

Spady v. Spady

Sparks v. Sparks

Starling v. Starling

Stemler v. Stemler

Stephanos v. Stephanos (In re Marriage of Stephanos)

Stephens v. Stephens

Sternat v. Sternat

Stewart v. Stewart

Stocker v. Stocker

Sultan v. Malik

Swaney v. Swaney

Tate v. Tate

Taylor v. Taylor

Telfer v. Telfer

In re Marriage of Theurer

In re the Marriage of Thornhill (I)

In re the Marriage of Thornhill (II)

In re the Marriage of Tofte

Trahan v. Trahan

In re Marriage of Vandal

Vedros v. Vedros

Walsh v. Walsh

Ward v. Ward

Watson v. Watson

In re the Marriage of Watterworth

Weinberg v. Dickson-Weinberg

Wiegers v. Richards-Wiegers

In re Marriage of Williams

Wilson v. Wilson

Witt-Bahls v. Bahls

Wood v. Wood

Wright v. Wright

Wright v. Wright

Wright v. Wright

Yoon v. Yoon

Zausch v. Schnakenburg

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