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Volterra Semiconductor Corp. v. Primarion, Inc.

In a patent case, in a pretrial ruling, the court finds the plaintiff cannot claim direct harm for lost revenues its foreign subsidiary sustained because of the defendants’ infringement by relying on expert testimony that equated the value of the injury d ...

Pure Earth, Inc. v. Call

Appellate court finds district court erred in excluding expert testimony on loss causation and damages in non-typical § 10(b) securities fraud case under Rule 702, because proof as to both elements under this scenario is less “complex”; the expert only ha ...

Kenford Co. v. County of Erie

In dispute over lost profits for term of 20-year management agreement, high court sets forth three-part test plaintiff must satisfy, including showing causation, reasonable certainty, and damages within the contemplation of parties at the time of agreement; plaintiff here fails test.

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