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Valuing Residential and Commercial Builders

Do you have construction company valuation to build? Are you looking for an in-depth blueprint to the analysis you need when valuing residential and commercial construction companies? Do you have a foundation in accounting issues including income tax issues of this widespread niche? Do you have the industry-specific risks nailed down and a framework to capture the valuation nuances in place? Whether you’re an apprentice or experienced journeyman, attend this event lead by Pasquale Rafanelli ...

Seven challenges when valuing electrical contracting companies

Discover solutions to the challenges of valuing electrical contracting companies. Also access a free chapter of BVR's report, What It's Worth: Valuing Electrical Contracting Companies, which offers insights on value drivers, accounting differences, bonding requirements, and more.

Heavy Construction Companies: Government Contracts, Damages, and Valuation

Big projects come with big headaches. The legal, financial, and economic risks associated with complex, long-term heavy construction projects can be significant. The architects of this program, James O’Brien and Roy Meyers, will guide you from the bidding process through finalizing the punch list of items for the project. Learn the importance of documentation to substantiate both financial and operational issues with contemporaneous records to address delays, cost overruns, damages, and the impact to the ...

Veterinary Practices: Unleashing Value

Veterinary practices come in all shapes and sizes. Whether the practice is urban, rural, has multiple locations, or additional add-on services such as grooming, it can all impact the value. Identifying the key performance indicators and knowing the overall market factors are vital to delivering a reliable value. Veteran valuer Mary Beth Koester walks you through what you need to know before unleashing the value of your next veterinary practice engagement.

Coping With the Challenges of Valuing a Cannabis-Related Firm—Frequently Asked Questions

Valuing a cannabis-related business is not much different from valuing any other business, except for one important fact: This business is based on a product that is illegal to grow or sell under current federal law. So how do you deal with this challenge in states that have legalized it? Valuation practitioners Jim Marty and Ron Seigneur share some of their vast knowledge in this industry.

Valuation Expert Gains Key Insights—By Buying a Small Business

A valuation expert turns company acquiror and gets a unique perspective on evaluating firms for valuation or transaction purposes.

Cannabis Industry and Valuation Update

As a high growth industry, cannabis business valuations are in demand. But, in this highly regulated industry, many “must know” considerations impact engagements. Join experts Brenda Clarke, Stacey Udell, and Ron Seigneur for a discussion of the trends and opportunities facing the cannabis industry. Learn about the sales and tax issues that must be considered, and get an update on M&A and investment activity that are powering values. This experienced panel answers your cannabis questions ...

Healthcare valuation 101: Surgery center case study

In BVR’s recent webinar, Healthcare Valuation 101, Jim Lloyd and Kathryn Culver (both of PYA) presented a case study in which their client engaged them to value a controlling interest in a multispecialty surgery center. Keep reading for the key facts on the case and be sure to watch the webinar clip in which the presenters cover the case study in detail.

Book Review: The Cannabis Industry Accounting and Appraisal Guide

Neal Beaton reviews an “indispensable resource” for investors, owners, managers, attorneys, accountants, and valuation analysts alike working with or alongside professionals within the evolving cannabis industry.

Storytelling with data

A big seller at the Wiley booth at the NACVA conference in Las Vegas was a book titled Storytelling with Data.

Agita at casual dining chains

A Wall Street Journal article reveals that many larger casual-dining spots are struggling, but many under new management are reinventing themselves in order to compete.

Paper examines cost of capital for banks

A new paper analyzes the cost of capital for banks during the financial crisis and in relation to the Dodd-Frank Act and Graham-Leach-Bliley Act.

DealStats (formerly Pratt's Stats)

DealStats (formerly Pratt's Stats) is the new generation of private and public company transaction comparables for valuation and M&A professionals. This state-of-the-art platform boasts the most complete financials on acquired companies in both the private and public sectors.

Learn more >>

Market research for the cannabis industry

Business appraisers who are valuing firms in the cannabis industry have a new resource for market research: The State of Legal Marijuana Markets, which is published by ArcView.

Valuation of power plants

A paper published in the European Journal of Operational Research examines the valuation of renewable, conventional, and storage power plants.

The State of Legal Cannabis Markets – 7th Edition

June 2019 Hardcover, PDF

Arcview Market Research

As the cannabis industry grows–for both investors and operators–market intelligence becomes a significant source of competitive advantage. The seventh edition of this report leverages the most robust and accurate database of millions of actual point-of-sale data created by BDS Analytics, making market projections and estimates better informed, and allowing us to bring you more granular and precise data than ever before.  Learn more >>

New resource for valuation of cannabiz

The Cannabis Industry Accounting and Appraisal Guide is a new book from Canna Valuation, a firm devoted to the licensed and regulated cannabis industry.

What’s an HVAC company worth? 10 key considerations when valuing HVAC businesses

For appraisers preparing to value a heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) company, there is a range of industry-specific factors to navigate. Here are some of the special considerations for valuing an HVAC company.

Hints of optimism in the apparel industry

Although e-commerce keeps chipping away at traditional brick-and-mortar retail, “hints of optimism have emerged within the sector,” according to the Duff & Phelps “Quarterly Apparel Report” for spring 2018.

Newest valuation data for A/E firms

The latest transactional data on the fair market value of businesses in the architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting industries (A/E firms) is now available in the Architecture/Engineering Business Valuation and M&A Transaction Study, 5th edition.

Valuing paving contractors

BVR just released a new installment in its series of What It’s Worth guides: Valuing Paving Contractors.

Architecture and Engineering Business Valuation and M&A Transaction Study, Fifth Edition

April 2018 PDF

Rusk O'Brien Gido Partners

Rusk O'Brien Gido Partners

Now in its fifth year, this study examines data from 169 distinct stock transactions collected via a confidential online survey. All data is analysed and compiled by Rusk O’Brien Gido + Partners’ team of accredited business appraisers — individuals with decades of experience valuing privately held architecture and engineering (A/E) firms. Learn more >>

Tips on choosing the best valuation approach when valuing home healthcare businesses

As with other industries, a unique set of variables drive the profitability and risks associated with home healthcare service lines, making it difficult to make global assumptions. Appraisers need to develop an understanding of each home healthcare service line and how they interact if the subject business operates in two service lines or more. Appraisers also need to choose the best valuation approach for the unique service line they are valuing. Here are a few tips on each of the approaches.

What It's Worth: Valuing Paving Contractors

April 2018 PDF

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

In BVR's new special report, What It’s Worth: Valuing Paving Contractors, you’ll get advice from top experts who work with this industry on a daily basis. You'll learn the best methods to apply when valuing a paving company and gain critical insights on industry trends and risks.  Learn more >>
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