What It's Worth: Valuing Paving Contractors

April 2018 PDF

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or value a paving contractor business, it’s important to consider paving company valuation from a number of different angles. With the seasonality of the business, specific requirements companies must follow to bid on contracts from federal, state, and local governments, as well as contracted set asides for businesses owned by women, minorities and veterans, you'll want to understand all the value drivers in this unique industry.

In BVR's new special report, What It’s Worth: Valuing Paving Contractors, you’ll get advice from top experts who work with this industry on a daily basis. You'll learn the best methods to apply when valuing a paving company and gain critical insights on industry trends and risks. This must-have resource includes data from Pratt's Stats and rules of thumb from the Business Reference Guide so you have the analysis you need to help you benchmark the value of a paving contractor company. Ensure a smooth road, free from valuation obstacles, on your next paving contractor company engagement.

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  • Get critical insights on industry trends and risks: Benchmark the value of a paving company with current trends and outlooks, the risk factors associated with these types of operations, and first-hand insights from a paving company owner

  • Understand the value drivers that must be taken into consideration when valuing paving companies: Learn how a paving contractor’s bidding process, payment cycle, environmental impact, backlog of work, bonding requirements, and other considerations play into the value of a company in this industry

  • Learn the best methods to apply when valuing a paving company: Get a detailed case study of the valuation of a paving company, including a thorough review of the company’s financial statements, assessment of its liquidity and profitability, and other factors

  • Get crucial advice on succession planning: Be prepared when you start to think about selling your business or passing it along to the next generation

Table of Contents

Section I.  Value Drivers for and Valuation of Paving Contractor Companies

  • Chapter 1. Opportunities for Business Appraisers to Value Paving Companies
  • Chapter 2. Unique Factors That Drive Paving  Company Value
  • Chapter 3. Special Considerations for Valuing Paving Companies
  • Chapter 4.  Methods and Considerations for Valuing Paving Companies 
  • Chapter 5.  The Cost Approach May Be the Best for Construction Firms
  • Chapter 6. Valuing Paving Contractors:  A Case Study

Section II:  Current Market and Trends for Paving Companies

  • Chapter 7.   Current Market for Paving Companies 

Section III:  Selling a Paving Company and Succession Planning

  • Chapter 8. How Paving Companies Are Sold
  • Chapter 9. Succession Planning Builds Paving Company Value

Section IV:  Paving Company Benchmarking Data and Additional Resources

  • Chapter 10. Paving Company Valuation Multiples Based on Pratt’s Stats 
  • Chapter 11. Additional Resources for Research on Paving Companies