Structure, Valuation & Tax Insights for Logistics & Trucking Companies

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May 20, 2020
Jaclyn Burket Franks, ASA, CFE
Ricky Castillo, CPA
industry analysis
business valuation, charitable contribution, tax, limited liability company, insurance, tax deduction, sole proprietorship, c corporation, s corporation, income statement, balance sheet, Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, revenue, taxes, data, coronavirus, COVID-19


Join Jaclyn Burket Frank and Ricky Castillo for an engaging trip into the world of logistics and trucking businesses. Discover the different types of entity structure along with the advantages and disadvantages of each structure. Learn how the 2018 tax law impacted each entity structure and common deductible/nondeductible expenses for the logistics and trucking industry. The industry-specific adjustments to consider along with specific questions to ask business owners to determine whether economic, governmental, and location factors will impact the engagement will be discussed. Attend and deliver a quality valuation.
Structure, Valuation & Tax Insights for Logistics & Trucking Companies
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