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Global BV News and Trends October 2021

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

Damodaran Says COVID-19 Crisis Puts More Emphasis on the Story Behind a Valuation

The keynote address by Dr. Aswath Damodaran (New York University Stern School of Business) at the CBV Congress 2021 includes a five-step framework to help develop an effective narrative.

Valuation of Specialty Pharmacies – Practical Considerations

Do you know the elements to consider when performing a valuation assignment for a specialty pharmacy? Join Jarrod Barraza for a dive into the industry and regulatory backdrop and recent history. Learn about the outlook and market trends with a focus on operational considerations. Discuss the valuation considerations, and hear from Mike Gerling, an expert in the specialty pharmacy industry, who will provide insight as an operator. With a focus on practical considerations when conducting ...

The Story Behind Your Valuation: Damodaran’s Five-Step Framework

One of the lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis is that a coherent narrative is more important than ever in business valuation, says Dr. Aswath Damodaran, of New York University Stern School of Business, who gave the keynote address at the CBV Congress 2021. A valuation needs a marriage of narrative and numbers, Damodaran says. In a good valuation, the numbers are “bound together” by a coherent narrative, and storytelling is kept grounded with numbers. Too much emphasis on numbers can make valuations mere “plug-and-point exercises” that may be perceived to be sales pitches or a confirmation of preconceived values.

Global BV News: Cost of capital parameters in Europe as of June 30, 2021

ValueTrust has released an eighth edition (dated June 30, 2021) of its “European Capital Market Study” that serves as a comprehensive compilation of capital market parameters such as cost of capital and implied as well as historical risk premiums for European countries.

2021 EBITDA multiples down slightly, per DealStats

Despite the vaccination rollout starting in the first quarter of 2021, EBITDA multiples ticked slightly lower, to 3.8x, according to BVR’s DealStats Value Index (DVI) report for 2Q 2021.

New World of Energy Valuations, Per Speakers at the ASA Houston Conference

How have valuations been upended in this sector? What’s the outlook for all of the regulatory and tax proposals? When will this sector rebound? The answers may surprise you.

‘Absurd’ CAPM, Size Impact, ‘Sense Checks,’ and Family Firms Highlight the ICAEW Conference

Excellent speakers and interesting topics were on hand at the valuation conference of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) in the United Kingdom.

BV News and Trends July 2021

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

Physician Compensation and COVID-19: Then and Now and Now What?

PYA’s Kathryn Taylor, CPA/ABV, ASA, MBA (consulting senior manager), and Justin Conant (consulting senior staff) will be presenting Physician Compensation and COVID-19: Then and Now and Now What. In this 100-minute session, Kathryn and Justin will review what physician compensation was like before COVID-19 and how it changed during the pandemic. Next, we will look into the future and explain where physician compensation and physician arrangements are headed. Kathryn and Justin will go through topics ...

Embracing the Hockey Stick: Alternative Approaches to Formulating and Assessing Projections

The question of projections may be one of the most challenging elements of a business or intellectual property appraisal. Most business appraisers will be placed in a position of assessing projections, including projections another appraiser provided. Join Michael Blake for an exploration of the quantitative and empirical methodologies for creating and/or validating projections. As a result of this class, you will gain exposure to potentially new tools to help make your projections more robust and ...

COVID-19 Just a Speed Bump in Hot M&A Market, Say Speakers at Transaction Advisors Forum

Coverage and key takeaways on valuation from the April 30 M&A Strategy Forum that included sessions conducted by corporate development leaders, in-house M&A counsel, board members, and private equity investors.

BV News and Trends June 2021

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

BV News and Trends May 2021

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

Major changes in energy sector valuations

In the wake of the pandemic, there is a “paradigm shift” in valuations in the energy sector, according to one speaker at the Energy Valuation Conference, hosted by the Houston Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers on May 12.

Court disses restaurant’s ‘direct physical loss’ theories in COVID-19 suit

The key question in many COVID-19-related insurance disputes is what constitutes “direct physical loss,” a federal court recently explained as it rejected a plaintiff’s breach of contract claim against the insurer.

Today! ASA Energy Valuation Conference streams live

A post-COVID-19 outlook for the energy sector, downstream refineries, upstream reserves, oil and gas valuations, and complex infrastructure assets are some of the topics on today’s agenda for the Houston Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) Energy Valuation Conference.

Practitioners discover efficiencies in wake of lockdowns

The unprecedented events of the past year forced professional service firms to adapt the dynamics of operating an office and meeting with clients.

14 Ways to Detect Misrepresentations in Business Interruption Claims

Business interruption insurance claims are on the rise, and analysts need to be on the lookout for misrepresentations. Michael Haugen (JS Held) conducted a session on this at the recent AICPA FVS Conference, and it’s an area where valuation experts would do well to bolster their knowledge and skills in financial forensics. Haugen gives some tips on how to “sniff out” misrepresentations in these claims.

BVU News and Trends April 2021

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

Global BVU News and Trends April 2021

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

BV recruiter sees remote work patterns emerging

In a world where the workplace has been turned upside down by the pandemic, hiring someone to work in permanent remote status from the get-go is no longer rare, observes John Borrowman (Borrowman Baker LLC), a recruiter who has worked exclusively in the BV profession for over 20 years.

Valuing Telehealth Services

Join Todd Zigrang and Jessica L. Bailey-Wheaton for a discussion of the valuation of telehealth services in the healthcare industry. Learn the current telehealth trends and the role of telehealth in the healthcare industry. Gain an understanding of the types of telehealth services typically provided, such as clinical services, management services, and the provision of technology, and how these services may vary by healthcare industry subsector. Get expert guidance on typical valuation approaches as they ...

Caesars Entertainment sues over COVID-19-related economic damages

On March 19, Caesars Entertainment joined the long list of businesses that have filed lawsuits against their insurance companies for refusing to pay business interruption losses stemming from COVID-19-related government shutdowns of economies across the nation and world.

Power Panel: Live Expert Answers for Today's Tough BV Questions

What is going on next in BV? While we don’t have a crystal ball, we do have the next best thing. Thought leaders Jay Fishman, Neil Beaton, Ray Rath, and Stacy Collins on hand to answer your questions on what is changing, trends within the profession, and thought processes behind tackling tough problems. What’s more, if you send in a video of yourself asking the question, you will get free admission to the session. Use ...

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