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BV News and Trends March 2023

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

IRS updates job posting for BV experts

The IRS added one more open slot to its job posting in its quest to hire more business valuation experts—and has also added more job locations.

Hot Topics at the 2022 VSCPA Forensic and Valuation Conference

It was back to in-person attendance at the 22nd annual Forensic and Valuation Conference hosted by the Virginia State Society of CPAs. Topics included the income approach, effective recruiting, reasonable compensation, guideline transactions, surviving cross-examination, IRS developments, and a “Hardball With Hitchner” session that covered some front-burner issues.

Recap of the New Jersey CPA Society FVS Conference

Some excellent speakers covered litigation tips, malpractice, estate tax audits, statistics for lost profits, cryptocurrency, and divorce matters at the Forensic and Valuation Services Conference hosted by the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJCPA ...

BV News and Trends December 2022

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

A new job for 2023? IRS needs BV experts

The job posting is still open from the IRS, which is looking to hire experienced business appraisers for 14 open positions at various U.S. locations.

Estate and Gift Tax, Business Valuation and the IRS—What’s Next and What you Need to Know

During this session Michael Gregory will discuss the impact on business valuation for estate and gift tax reporting purposes. Mike will explore the status of the IRS, what it intends to do, what it is likely to do, and the current stance on several technical issues. You'll also gain practical advice on how to avoid an IRS audit and recommendations for responding to an audit. You will hear real-world examples based on the experience of ...

Reminder: IRS has job openings for BV experts

The agency is looking to hire experienced business appraisers for 14 open positions at various U.S. locations.

The Impact of 80 Billion Dollars and 87,000 Additional IRS Employees on BV

It has been announced that the IRS will be receiving $80 billion dollars and will be adding 87,000 employees over the next 10 years. Mike takes a look at the IRS strategic plan, and public information available from the Treasury Department and IRS, and shares with you his insights of what this may mean overall and with a specific look in more detail at the IRS Engineering Program where the business valuers are located. Implications ...

The IRS to BV experts: We want you!

The agency is looking to hire experienced business appraisers for 14 open positions across the U.S., Gary Smith, IRS lead financial analyst, tells BVWire.

Volatility of Financial Metrics: Important Data for Contingent Consideration Valuations

This article presents the first detailed statistical analysis of the volatilities of various commonly encountered financial metrics used in contingent consideration (and earn-out) agreements. The valuation of contingent consideration using an option-based methodology and non-equity volatilities is becoming more common in business valuation. We provide clear evidence that the volatility of five financial metrics—revenue; earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA); EBIT, net income, and total assets—is strongly, negatively related to firm size and ...

15 Cautionary Areas to Review in ESOP Valuations

Business valuation practitioners perform private-company equity appraisals for many applications including gift/estate tax planning, transaction opinions, and financial reporting; yet ESOP valuation assignments present complex challenges. Not only is the purpose of the appraisal unique, but the particular client, an ESOP trustee (acting as a fiduciary), also has many ESOP-specific disclosures and requirements. A well-developed ESOP valuation report may not simply achieve the appraisal prescription set forth in Revenue Ruling 59-60 or USPAP compliance. Join ...

BV News and Trends December 2021

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

What Business Valuers Need to Know and What to Do if Audited by the IRS with 25 Golden Suggestions

The IRS has recently undertaken some major initiatives in business valuation. Many of these relate to estate and gift tax and examination functions in the “Small Business Self Employed” and the “Large Business and International” divisions associated with BV. Michael Gregory examines those initiatives and guides analysts through successful negotiations with the IRS. Subscribers will learn 25 “golden rules” to help in resolving issues with the IRS.

IRS sending agents to NACVA’s BV training

The IRS is sending 79 agents to business valuation training provided by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA), according to former IRS manager Michael Gregory (Michael Gregory Consulting LLC).

Three Court Cases You Must Read Before Writing Your Next Valuation Report

Former IRS officials give their insights into the thinking of the IRS on business valuations. This was a session at NACVA’s recent 2021 Business Valuation and Financial Litigation Hybrid and Virtual Super Conference.

BV News and Trends July 2021

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

A few recent papers of note

“Forecasting: Theory and Practice” is a recently updated encyclopedic presentation of forecasting methods in theory and practice.

Federal Tax Litigation, Expert Witnesses, and the IRS

Michael Gregory will address key rules for federal expert witnesses, valuation issues with the IRS, identify key recent BV federal cases, and introduce you to what to expect in 2022. This session will also share information you need from a business valuer that mediates, negotiates, and facilitates alternative dispute resolution to give clients timely closure with significant savings with the IRS and others. After this session you will be able to: reference key federal statutes ...

Reminder: IRS is hiring BV experts

The IRS is looking to hire experienced business appraisers for six open positions in various locations across the U.S.

Bitcoin & Digital Assets: The Industry, Valuation, and Forensics

Every day, bitcoin and digital assets seem to become more mainstream for both businesses and investors. Over time, valuation and forensic professionals are bound to encounter clients with digital asset holdings, and they will need to face the unique challenges they create. Experts Mark DiMichael and Jennifer Cohen will provide valuation and forensic accounting professionals with the information they need to help their clients deal with this complex asset class.

Tax Court issues highly anticipated ruling in Michael Jackson case

In the long-running litigation between the estate of the late megastar Michael Jackson and the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Tax Court recently issued its opinion on the value of Jackson’s image and likeness, as well as the value of his interest in two music publishing assets. Overall, this much-anticipated decision is a major win for the Jackson estate. The court’s momentous decision includes an expansive analysis of the rivaling valuation testimony.

Valuers: The IRS is looking for you

Don’t worry—this is not about a valuation you did!

Review and Update of BV Standards and Guidance—What You Need to Know

Valuation standards and guidance areas of business valuation are constantly expanding and being updated. The increase in business valuation worldwide has had a lot to do with this expansion, as has the increase in valuation within financial statements worldwide. Jim Alerding will explore the current status of business valuation standards and other guidance documents, including new standards and new areas of discussion and guidance concerning business valuation. The program will provide the attendee with information ...

Exploring Excel Functions That Help With Business Valuations

Several Microsoft Excel functions are already available in most modern versions of the program that many valuation experts are unaware of. If you use Microsoft Excel for any sort of process, the use of certain functions can make your templates more accurate and allow you to complete an analysis quicker. Join valuation expert and Excel guru Shawn Hyde to learn about setting up dynamic text, which means typing a sentence in a cell in an ...

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