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Institute of Business Appraisers 20th anniversary conference open with IRS attorney; closes with estate planning attorney

n LITIGATING ISSUES IN THE FAMILY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP ARENA Melanie Urban, Esq. Internal Revenue Service Houston, TX Ms. Urban opened with a declaration that there are two things that the IR ...

BIZCOMPS 97 Eastern States Edition

Sanders, Jack R. BIZCOMPS 97 Eastern States Edition. Asset Business Appraisal, P.O. Box 711777, San Diego, CA 92171; Phone (619) 457-0366; Price $95. BIZCOMPS studies report financial informatio ...

Experts Disagree Over Off-the-Books Inventory

Husband appealed trial court's valuation of his closely held company, Fluid Systems Service, Inc., claiming that the court erred in relying on his own (husband's) opinion of value, and furth ...

Scalero v. Scalero

At issue is the valuation of husband's fluid systems business.

Husband's Challenges of Trial Court Conclusion Not Supported by Documentation

In a divorce action, the trial court valued husband's business, Scott Sales & Service, at $66,370. Among other issues, husband argued that the trial court improperly inflated the v ...

Scott v. Scott

At issue is the calculation of husband's potential income.

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