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Matter of Adelstein v. Finest Food Distributing Co. (I)

In oppressed shareholder stock valuation proceeding, trial court credits testimony of credentialed appraiser, lauding his methodical approach, use of various methods to cross-check values, and understanding of legal principles related to valuation.

Dawyot v. Catawba Capital Mgmt., Inc.

In buyout dispute, court sets aside third-party appraisal performed pursuant to redemption agreement; court says final appraisal report contains at least one “palpable error” related to normalization of earnings that had a significant effect on the valuation; appraiser did not testify at trial.

Additional evidence of size difference in market multiples

In my last two editorial columns, I presented evidence that smaller companies tend to sell at lower valuation multiples than do larger companies. The accompanying table is further corroboration of tha ...

Fair market value, the willing buyer, and lessons from the Ninth Circuit

Last issue we discussed the characteristics of the willing buyer. This is a follow-up to that article. Who makes up the pool of potential willing buyers? That concept as it relates to a minority in ...

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