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Cole v. Cole

The parties were married in 1976. In the mid-1980s, the husband became associated with the Boozman-Hof Clinic, the Boozman-Hof Surgery Center, and the Genesis Partnership.

Overhead not to be deducted in determining value of receivables

The valuation issue in this case was the value of the husband’s shares in a yet to be developed specialty hospital and interest in husband’s receivables from his medical practice.

Adametz v. Adametz

Trial court erred in allowing the deduction of future overhead expenses against husband's share of the accounts receivable at the hospital of which we was part owner.

Parties failed to distinguish personal and practice goodwill

Wife’s expert, Richard Schwartz, testified that the fair market values of ADC and Gastro were $911,200 and $1,477,000, respectively,Husband was a gastroenterologist who owned a clinic ...

John C. Bedrosian v. Tenet Healthcare Corporation

The California Court of Appeals, 2nd District, considered the appropriate measure of damages in a wrongful withholding of stock case.

Valuation based on buy-sell agreement reversed

The husband owned a 50% interest in the Boozman-Hof Surgery Center and a 22.7% interest in both the Boozman-Hof Clinic and Genesis Partnership.

Williams v. Williams

The issue in this marital dissolution was the fair market value of husbands medical clinic and surgery center. Goodwill was the major point of disagreement between the experts.

Cole v. Cole

This appeal involves the financial aspects of the dissolution of a twenty-five-year marriage. The trial court divided the marital estate, including the husband's interest in his business.

Court Approves Coverture Fractions and 'If, as, and When' Method

The parties were married on March 23, 1985 and separated on January 23, 2000. Wife filed for divorce on February 3, 2000. In 1999, husband began working for Destiny Health, Inc. as a finan ...

Otley v. Otley

Court then considered what portion of the option was marital property, and decided that this could be determined by coverture fractions, or the "time-rule" formula.

Besser v. Ohio State University

At issue is the disclosure of all of the defendant's records concerning it's acquisition of a hospital.

Valuation Process Not a Trade Secret

Plaintiffs requested that defendant Ohio State University (OSU) make available "all records of OSU concerning or relating to OSU's acquisition of Park Medical Center," a private hospital.

Wisconsin Court Refuses to Apply Minority Discount in Dissenting Shareholder Case

SSM Health Care System (SSM), a minority shareholder of HMO-Wisconsin Inc. (HMO-W), appealed the circuit court decision to apply a minority discount when it valued the fair value of SSM's HMO-W's shares prior to HMO-W's merger with United Wisconsin Services.

In re Estate of Hall

At issue is whether a circuit court may apply a minority discount when appraising the "fair value" of a dissenter's shares under § 180.1330, Stats.

Restriction on Transfer for Book Value Upheld

The decedent in this case, Mr. Hall, owned 9,690 shares of Biddle and Co. Insurance Brokers Inc.

HMO-W v. SSM Health Care System (I)

At issue is whether a circuit court may apply a minority discount when appraising the "fair value" of a dissenter's shares under § 180.1330, Stats.

More Court Cases... Damages: Mallinga v. Harvey Family Medical Center

Plaintiff, a 25% shareholder in South Shore Medical Group, filed a complaint against Harvey Family Medical Center and South Shore Medical Group alleging that defendants diminished corporate assets resulted in personal gain to themselves and to the detriment of the plaintiff and that defendants failed to provide compensation to plaintiff for medical services he rendered to health maintenance organization (HMO) patients.

Mallinga v. Harvey Family Medical Center

At issue is the valuation of South Shore HMO Management Group, Inc, a foundation created by the plaintiff and the three individual defendant doctors.

In re Colonial Realty Company; Hirsch v. Steinberg (I)

At issue is reconsideration and reinstatement of a claim.

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