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Lack of Due Diligence and Industry Experience Lead to Loss of $4 Million in Damages

Expert’s lost profits analysis fails for lack of industry experience, objective analysis, or data.

Total Clean, LLC v. Cox Smith Matthews, Inc.

Comprehensive research and analysis lend credibility to financial expert’s calculations for over $8 million lost profits and lost goodwill for restaurant.

Murrietta Car Wash, Inc. v. North County Bank

The California Court of Appeals, Fourth District reversed a trial court's award of loss profits in the wrongful foreclosure action of a vacant parcel on which the plaintiff intended to build a car wash and gas station.

Broker Guilty of Fraud, but No Damages Found

Paul DeNucci agreed, for a commission, to have Wayne March and CB Commercial Real Estate Group Inc. find a buyer for his three car wash businesses.

Denucci v. March

DeNucci sued March for fraud, violation of the Deceptive Trade Practices Act, and breach of fiduciary duty, in connection with contract to find a buyer for car washes.

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