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Divorce Experts Diverge by More Than $1 Million—But Only One Used Correct Valuation Date

Divorce experts diverged by more than $1 million in valuing steel business, and court adopts the larger value based on thorough expert evidence and compliance with the correct valuation date under applicable law.

John L. Pointer, et al. v. Tennessee Equity Capital Corporation, et al.

The Tennessee Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court’s exclusion of expert testimony and ruling of summary judgment. After a failed business relationship with the defendant, the plaintiff also sued the defendant for actions that caused his company to l ...

Estate of O'Neal v. United States

At issue is the valuation date of the value of a deduction claimed by the estate.

11th Circuit Holds Claims Against Estate Do Not Include Post-Death Events

This is an appeal from the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama.

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