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APB deadline for comments on customer-asset draft is August 31

ASA plans changes to accreditation report requirements

A summer full of WMA Insights

Calculations, appraisals–and how to satisfy clients

It's a tough time to try new appraisal methods...

New case digests added to BVLaw in the last weeks

The following is a sampling of court decisions in which determination of the value of a business was essential to the result. Many of the leading financial experts and business appraisers were involved as consultants or expert witnesses in these matters. BVLaw digests all cases where valuation methodologies or competing approaches are adjudicated.

RICS publishes guidance on applying its standards in the U.S.

The FMV Restricted Stock Study—now updated!

Current issue of Business Valuation Update available on-line

Sontchi also says courts still prefer use of market data

New academic study of patent litigation and cost of capital

Top free valuation resources for July from BVR

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