Metrics to increase profitability

A new report from Healthcare Intelligence Network (HIN) offers critical benchmarking data to support maximum profitability for hospitals and clinics. 46 Healthcare Metrics to Boost Profitability: Charting 2012 Trends provides actionable metrics carefully curated from market research data while aggregating responses from hundreds of HIN survey respondents on fundamental healthcare metrics. Key findings include the following:

• 30% of respondents indicate that the patient-centered medical home  is the healthcare delivery model with the most potential to reduce costs and improve care quality in 2012;

• 63.2% of respondents say that to reduce avoidable ER use, the most effective intervention for recently discharged patients is ED visit notification;

• The top three populations linked to avoidable ER use are avoidable or non-emergent visits, high utilizers and Medicaid;

• 63% of respondents offer health and wellness incentives for participation in health promotion programs; and

• Cost is the top challenge to ACO creation, according to 22% of respondents. HIN

Executive VP and COO Melanie Matthews says, "Given the changing landscape of healthcare, executives need to identify their population's healthcare needs and available resources, articulate their goals, and structure their network of care around these elements. The data found in 46 Healthcare Metrics to Boost Profitability  will support healthcare leaders in accomplishing all of these goals."

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