Delaware Sees DCF Approach as Best for Appraisal Action

Business Valuation UpdateVol. 12 No. 1
Legal and Court Case Update
January 2006
3823 Industrial Instruments for Measurement, Display, and Control of Process Variables; and Related Products
shareholder dissent/oppression

Henke v. Trilithic, Inc.
No. 13155 (Del. Chan. 2005)
October 28, 2005
State Court
Court of Chancery
Thomas G. Whalen Jr.
R. Victor Haas, ASA <br> Brett Margolin, Ph.D. <br>
Parsons, Jr.


The principal issue in this appraisal action was the fair value of dissenters’ stock in Trilithic Inc. (Trilithic), a close corporation that had merged with and into another corporation of the same name.

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Henke v. Trilithic, Inc.

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