Journal of Business Valuation 2020 Edition

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Chartered Business Valuators Institute (CBV Institute)
January 7, 2021
Stephen Kertzman, BA, LLB, CBV
Arthur Kertzman, CPA, CA
Ephraim Stulberg
Cynthia Hetherington
Camillo Lento
Wing Him Yeung
Alana Geller
Louise Poole
Tyler Kelly
Roslyn M. Tsao
Kristy Warren
global business valuation
damages, cost of capital, income approach, intangible valuation, cash flow, discounted cash flow (DCF), economic damages & lost profits, fair market value (FMV), forensic accounting, franchise, intangible, market approach, free cash flow, chartered business valuators institute (CBV Institute), COVID-19


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2020 Journal of Business Valuation
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