Navigate IRS rulings and regs with BVR’s new Business Valuation Sourcebook

BVWireIssue #80-2
May 14, 2009

Have you ever tried to find anything on the IRS’s website? It can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. Working with BVR, Bill Sipes has released a new edition of the Business Valuation Sourcebook, formerly published by CCH. This guide pulls much of the relevant rulings and regulations out of the IRS’s website and puts them in one place.

The Sourcebook is the definitive reference for accounting, legal, and other professionals who need to reference at-a-glance information on discounts, premiums, capitalization rates, and other methods and approaches acceptable to the courts, Sipes explains. In addition to all the legal, regulatory, and BV standards information included in the previous edition, BVR has added new content, including abstracts of over 75 important cases, (the full text of the court cases is included on a CD that comes with the book), AICPA’s SSVS 1, a quick reference table of cases by BV topic, selected articles, and other handy reference material. To see a copy of the Table of Contents, click here.

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