Blast from the past on forecasting

BVWireIssue #222-1
March 3, 2021

valuation methods & approaches
discounted cash flow (DCF), management projections, industry analysis, cash flow projections, COVID-19

During a recent BVR webinar, Josh Shilts (Shilts CPA PLLC) mentioned a helpful article that appeared in the Harvard Business Review (HBR), “How to Choose the Right Forecasting Technique.” After reading the article, Shilts realized that it was written in 1971! But what it covers still holds true, he says. It covers the basic features and limitations of classic forecasting techniques, including qualitative methods, time series analysis, and causal methods. There’s a nice chart that compares the different techniques and includes typical applications, computation times, accuracy ratings, reference material, and more. “This was gold to me when I found it,” he says. The HBR article is freely available if you click here.
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