Essential Guide to Physician-Hospital Organizations: 7 Key Elements for PHO Success (PDF)

May 2013 PDF (25 pages)

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Healthcare's value-based reality has changed the rules of organizational alignment. Today, emerging payment models like accountable care organizations (ACOs), bundled payments and shared savings encourage hospitals and physicians to work together and make each more accountable for the other's actions. The Essential Guide to Physician-Hospital Organizations: 7 Key Elements for PHO Success describes the seven critical areas of PHO development, from defining the PHO mission to creating a data environment conducive to registry use, analytics and active patient management. Additionally, the 25-page resource describes the changing payor environment and the incentives available to providers, while offering practical considerations for creating a culture of collaboration with the PHO and engaging both providers and employers in this emerging model.

Healthcare thought leaders Travis Ansel, MBA, manager of strategic services, Healthcare Strategy Group, and Greg Mertz, MBA, FACMPE, director of consulting operations, Healthcare Strategy Group, guide readers through the retooled post-reform PHO model.

This comprehensive guide provides details on the following:

  • Contrasting the ACO and PHO models
  • Navigating safe harbor and Stark regulations when designing a PHO
  • Developing a compensation model that is a win/win for both the physicians and the hospital
  • Creating the appropriate mix of physicians in terms of numbers and type of physician for effective outcomes and savings
  • Sharing data effectively and efficiently across the organization
  • Changing the healthcare consumption patterns for the chronically ill to generate savings
  • Moving the culture of physicians and hospitals to a value-based healthcare system
  • And, much more
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Table of Contents

  • Developing a Collaborative PHO Structure for Shared Savings Agreements
    • The Many Faces of Shared Savings
    • Contrasting Risk and Investment
    • PHO 2.0: Taking Another Look at the Model
    • PHO Structure and Organization
    • Selection of Members for the PHO
    • Typical PHO Structure
    • Analyzing the PHO Population
    • Sizing the Data System to the PHO Needs
  • Q&A: Ask the Experts
    • Assuring Reliability of Data
    • Value-Based Compensation Strategies for Physicians
    • Examples of Physician Compensation Models
    • Who's Buying the PHO Model
    • Motivating Physicians in the PHO
    • Clinical Integration and PHOs
    • Changing Healthcare Consumption Patterns
    • Creating a Culture Supportive of the PHO
    • Predictors of PHO Longevity and Financial Success
  • Glossary
  • For More Information
  • About the Presenters