Closed-End Fund Report: Stocks and Equity Investments

March 2024 PDF (56 pages)

Bruce A. Johnson, James R. Park

Partnership Profiles, Inc.

If you are valuing privately held entities that hold stocks and equity-oriented securities, your best resource is now available from BVR. The 2024 Closed-End Fund Report – Stocks and Equity Investments report, written by experts Bruce A. Johnson, ASA and James R. Park, ASA provides historical and current closed-end fund data in one convenient publication, saving you the hassleand expenseof searching through other data sources. 

Use the report to compare privately-held family limited partnerships that hold common stock, preferred stock, mutual funds, REITs or other corporate equity investments. This comprehensive 56-page resource includes:

  • Five years of select financial data for each fund
  • Expanded fund descriptions including dividend policy arrangement
  • Schedules reflecting the monthly price-to-NAV ratio from 2018-March 2024
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Put the report to work for you:

  • Consult on the most accurate and widely-used data to quantify a discount for lack of control (DLOC) in family limited partnerships (FLPs) and LLCs in one go-to source

  • Trust in timeliness - a new report is published each month with updated Price to NAV ratios, and summaries are updated annually at the end of April after each Closed-End Fund releases its 10-K Annual Report, so you know you are getting the most timely data

  • Quickly and easily find historical and current data – without having to wade through old newspapers and magazines. Get Price to NAV by month, for 5 years, from closed-end funds holding stocks and the financial data and description based on the most recent 10-K

  • Get all the data you need. The report includes:

    • 40 closed-end funds that hold investments in publicly held stocks and REITs
    • Information on 15 diversified funds, 8 nondiversified funds, 9 international equity funds, and 
      8 real estate funds
    • A few closed-end funds that also hold investments in privately-held stock and other illiquid securities are included in the nondiversified fund

  • Take a tip from the Tax Court and the IRS – if you are valuing an FLP that owns marketable securities , both the Tax Court and the IRS stated that closed-end mutual funds are  particularly persuasive 

  • Bolster the credibility of your FLP valuations with key data you can include directly in your report

Sample Data

Closed-End Fund Report Sample