Business Valuation Case Law Yearbook, 2017 Edition

February 2017 PDF (250 pages)

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

The Business Valuation Case Law Yearbook, 2017 Edition is essential for business appraisers and attorneys who want to stay ahead of their peers on the most important legal issues brought up in business valuation-related cases. With in-depth analysis from BVR’s legal team, the lessons learned in this book help appraisers come to better and more defensible valuation conclusions. And, attorneys who retain appraisers as financial experts learn how their experts can help them win (or lose) in court. 

The Yearbook analyzes the year’s most meaningful valuation-related issues in the major courts including marital disputes, breach of contract actions, damages, dissenting shareholder disputes, estate and gift tax cases, federal taxation, intellectual property cases, bankruptcy litigation, and more. Readers learn how debates over economic damages, goodwill, M&A-related appraisals, discounts, and Daubert challenges played out in court during the past year.

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Additional Detail

Highlights of the Yearbook include:

  • Save hours of research time with current and comprehensive court case analysis - access to nearly 70 of the most important business valuation-related cases that took place in 2016, with expert legal analysis to guide you through how each case played out

  • Learn important lessons about applicable legal principles, approved and discredited valuation methodology, and the art of presenting expert opinions

  • Stay ahead of your peers on the most important legal issues - learn how experts handle valuation challenges with examples from a variety of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, restaurants, auto dealerships, and more

  • Easily navigate the court cases with a comprehensive reference table that lists case-by-case type, state/jurisdiction, date, and more

Table of Contents


  • Introduction
  • Court Case Summary Table
  • Court Case Digests
  • 3M Innovative Props. Co. v. GDC, Inc
  • Akamai Techs., Inc. v. Limelight Networks, Inc
  • In re Appraisal of Dell Inc
  • Arctic Cat v. Sabertooth Motor Group
  • Baumboree v. Baumbouree
  • Berger v. Berger
  • In re Estate of Bittner (Bittner I), (Bittner II)
  • Bocek v. JGA Assocs., LLC
  • Broyles v. Cantor Fitzgerald & Co
  • Bruno v. Bozzuto’s, Inc.
  • Burtch v. Opus, LLC (In re Opus East, LLC) (I), (II)
  • In re Case No. 800 Bourbon St
  • Cdx Holdings, Inc. v. Fox (Fox II)
  • Code & Code
  • In re Cole
  • Commonwealth Sci. & Indus. Research Organisation v. Cisco Sys
  • Congel v. Malfitano
  • Corrigan v. Testa
  • Covol Fuels No. 4 v. Pinnacle Mining Co.
  • Curran v. Curran
  • Deflecto, LLC v. Dundas Jafine Inc
  • In re DFC Global Corp
  • Estate of Dieringer v. Commissioner
  • In re Discontinuance & Disposition of P.K. Smith Motors, Inc.
  • Ericsson, Inc. v. D-Link Sys. (D-Link II)
  • Fish v. GreatBanc Trust Co.
  • Gifford v Gifford
  • Estate of Giustina v. Commissioner (Giustina III)
  • Grant v. Grant
  • H.W. Johnson v. Commissioner
  • Hanckel v. Campbell (In re Hanckel)
  • Healthcare v. Orr
  • In re Horsehead Holding Corp
  • In re ISN Software Corp. Appraisal Litig
  • Jafar v. Mohammed
  • In re Marriage of Johnson
  • In re Marriage of Kerkhoff
  • Kminek-Nierenberg v. Kenneth Nierenberg
  • Lacoste v. Lacoste.
  • Lane v. Lampkin (Lampkin II)
  • Luminara Worldwide, LLC v. Liown Elecs. Co.
  • Marten Transp., Ltd. v. Plattform Adver., Inc.
  • Mattress Closeout Ctr. IV, LLC v. Panera, LLC
  • In re Mercury Cos. (In re Mercury II)
  • Merion Capital LP & Merion Capital II LP v. BMC Software
  • Moore v. Moore
  • MSKP Oak Grove, LLC v. Venuto
  • Nieman v. Nieman
  • Pattridge v. Starks
  • Pearson v. Westervelt Co
  • PECO Logistics, LLC v. Walnut Inv. Partners, L.P
  • Perez v. Bruister (Bruister II)
  • Post-Confirmation Comm. for Small Loans, Inc. v. Martin
  • Redstone v. Commissioner
  • RMS of Wisconsin, Inc. v. S-K JV
  • Rubin v. Bedford
  • Showers v. Pfizer, Inc. (In re Pfizer Inc. Sec. Litig.)
  • Spencer Franchise Servs. of Ga. v. WOW Café & Wingery Franchising Account, LLC
  • St. Jude Med. S.C., Inc. v. Biosense Webster, Inc.
  • Sternat v. Sternat
  • In re Sunedison, Inc.
  • In re Trulia Stockholder Litig
  • Verghetta v. Lawlor
  • Wagner v. Wagner
  • Washington v. Kellwood Co. (Kellwood II), (Kellwood III)
  • Wheelabrator Bridgeport, L.P. v. City of Bridgeport
  • Wisniewski v. Walsh (Wisniewski II)
  • Witt-Bahls v. Bahls